Nov 18-20

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Beat the bots and win an NABC title! – Nov 18-20

There’s no need to get out of your PJs when you play in the NABC Robot Individual, a three-day stratified online event hosted on Bridge Base Online (BBO) where you can win gold and red masterpoints – even an NABC title!

Each day, you’ll play 24 boards with a bot as your partner, and two other bots as your opponents. You can choose your own start time, but you must finish by midnight Eastern time. Best of all, the event is stratified, so you will be competing at your skill level.

So, join us to play in a nationally rated event from the comfort of your own home!

Schedule & Registration

Nov 18, 19, and 20 (Saturday, Sunday and Monday)

The entry fee is $50 and you’ll need at least $50 BB$ in your account. You can purchase BB$ here.

Registration opens Friday, Nov. 3, and closes on Sunday, Nov. 12. To register, go to Bridge Base Online, click “Competitive,” then “ACBL Masterpoint tournaments.” The Robot Individual will be on the list.

Only current ACBL members can participate in the event, so make sure your ACBL number is on your BBO profile and that your ACBL membership is active (join or renew no later than 3 p.m. Eastern on the Friday before the event starts).

For more information, please see the FAQ.

Free Practice Tournaments
Get ready for the big game with free practice tournaments on the weekends before the NABC Robot Individual.

Remember, the bots on BBO use a custom 2/1 system, so check out the system notes. The bot’s understanding of what a bid means can be seen by hovering over the highlighted bid during the auction. (If the bid is not highlighted, it means the bots have no special understanding or conventional definition.

For more on playing with the BBO bots, check out the video below and visit “Robot World” on BBO to play in any daily tournaments.


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