Our Organization

Founded in 1937, the ACBL is the largest bridge organization in North America, serving over 165,000 members. Every year, we sanction over 3.5 million tables of bridge, played in more than 3,000 bridge clubs and 1,100 sectional and regional tournaments, plus 1 million tables played online. A challenging and rewarding card game, bridge draws players of all ages and walks of life – from Bill Gates and Warren Buffett to astronaut Greg “Box” Johnson. Read more.

  • Executive Director: Joe Jones
  • Headquarters: Horn Lake, MS
  • Employees: Headquarters staff: 56; Tournament Directors: 160
  • Annual Budget: $16,000,000+

Our Mission

The mission of the ACBL is to promote, grow and sustain the game of bridge and serve the bridge-related interests of our Members.

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Our Museum

The ACBL Museum is currently closed to the public
The ACBL Museum is not only the premier collection of bridge-related artifacts in the world, it’s also an interactive showcase of the history of the game. From Vanderbilt to Culbertson to Goren to the modern era, bridge comes alive with photos, videos, art, instructional material and more.

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