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Online Intro to Bridge Course

Maybe you played it in college, or perhaps you saw it on TV or at your parents’ kitchen table – BRIDGE! It’s the ultimate card game, featuring strategy, teamwork and fun.

Are you ready to learn how to play? Presenting Intro to Bridge, a new interactive online course from the American Contract Bridge League.

Each class features hands-on learning with plenty of practice for your new skills. You can expect to begin playing shortly into the first lesson.

If you’re familiar with other card games like spades or war, you’re off to a good start. Both are “trick-taking” games, and so is bridge.

Intro to Bridge was developed with Patty Tucker, an ACBL Hall of Fame member and legendary bridge teacher. She is a leader in bridge education for all ages and specializes in guiding players who are just beginning.

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This is a 10-week online beginning bridge course. Classes are 2 hours each and it is perfect for brand new players as well as those looking to get back into the game. The course is on Zoom and includes a lot of small group activities and practice.

We start at the very beginning with “there are 52 cards in a deck” and cover bridge basics, simple play strategies, counting winners & losers, trumping techniques, opening the bidding, responding to 1-level openings, evaluating strength of hand, overcalls and 2 conventions for responding to Notrump.

The course is $99, and registration includes a downloadable student workbook plus access to the course share site with class videos and practice resources to support your learning.

New classes starting, click here to register now.

    • ♠ Thursday Evenings (7-9pm Eastern, 4-6pm Pacific) March 21 – May 23
    • ♠ Monday Evenings (8:30-10:30pm Eastern, 5:30-7:30pm Pacific) April 1 – June 10 (skipping Memorial Day, May 27)
    • ♠ Wednesday Mornings (10am-12pm Eastern, 7-9am Pacific) April 24 – June 26

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