Grue Wins Goren Trophy

Joe Grue won the Goren Trophy, which recognizes the player who captures the most masterpoints at the Fall NABC. Grue’s total included 190 masterpoints for winnng the Edgar Kaplan Blue Ribbon Pairs. He picked up another 40 for his fifth-place finish in the NABC Mixed Swiss on Sunday.
Top Masterpoint Winners
1           266.10  Joe Grue, New York NY
2-3        247.76  Nikolay Demirev, Arlington Heights IL
2-3        247.76  Rose Meltzer, Chapel Hill NC
4-7        245.40  Vladimir Marashev, Sofia, Bulgaria
4-7         245.40  Rosen Gunev, Sofia, Bulgaria
4-7         245.40  Kalin Karaivanov, Varna, Bulgaria
4-7         245.40  Ivan Tsonchev, Sofia, Bulgaria
8            243.53  David Gold, London, England
9             239.71  Eric Greco, Beverly Hills CA
10-11     237.02  Thomas Bessis, Paris, France
10-11     237.02  Frederic Volcker, Issy Les Moulin, France
12-15     232.31  Bob Drijver, Rotterdam, Netherlands
12-15      232.31  Dano De Falco, Rubano, Italy
12-15      232.31  Patricia Cayne, Boca Raton FL
12-15      232.31  Bart Nab, Tilburg, Netherland
16-17      231.81  Danny Molenaar, Den Haag, Netherlands
16-17      231.81  Tim Verbeek, Utrecht, Netherlands
18-19      230.40  Diyan Danailov, Sofia, Bulgaria
18-19      230.40  Jerry Stamatov, Sofia, Bulgaria
20            226.17  Michael Bell, London, England

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