The Little Lady

Goren Bridge

Bob Jones

Dlr: West ♠ J 6
Vul: N-S A K J
A J 5 4
♣ K 9 5 2
♠ A Q 10 8 4 ♠ 9 2
10 5 4 9 8
K Q 9 3   7 6 2
♣ 7 ♣ A Q J 8 6 4
♠ K 7 5 3
Q 7 6 3 2
10 8
♣ 10 3
West North East South
1♠ Dbl Pass 2
Pass Pass 3♣ 3
All Pass

Opening lead: ♣7

South in today’s deal was Debbie Rosenberg. Debbie, a top player in her own right, is married to Michael Rosenberg, one of the world’s best players. Their son, Kevin, is building his own solid reputation as a bridge player. He has the bloodlines.

Declarer played low from dummy on the opening club lead, losing to East’s jack as South followed smoothly with the 10. A low club from East at this point would have defeated the contract, but there was no way for East to know who had the missing ♣3. East shifted, reasonably, to the ♠9. Debbie played low from her hand and West took two rounds of spades and continued with a third spade. Dummy ruffed as East discarded a club.

The club position was an open book, meaning that West had to hold the missing diamond honors to justify his opening bid. Debbie cashed dummy’s two high trumps and then led a diamond to her 10. West won with the king and led another spade. Debbie won this in her hand with the king, relieved that East was not able to ruff. She cashed the Q, drawing the outstanding trump, and then led a diamond to dummy’s jack. She discarded the losing spade from her hand on the A and conceded a club trick to East, but she had her contract.

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