The Honolulu NABC Leaderboard

Saturday, December 1

Nickell, Lavazza ousted from Reisinger

Perennial powerhouse squads Nickell and Lavazza will be watching from the sidelines as the Reisinger Board-a-Match concludes today.
Leading the 10-team final with a 4.6-board carryover is the Josef Blass team: Jacek “Pepsi” Pszczola, Jacek Kalita, Michal Nowosadzki, Sjoert Brink and Bas Drijver.
A board back is Gaylor Kasle’s squad — the same team that won the Baze Senior Knockouts earlier in the week. Kasle is playing with Drew Cannell, James Krekorian, Drew Casen, Michal Kwiecien and Wlodzimierz Starkowski.
Catch all the action on vugraph starting at 11 a.m. HST.

Berg leads NA Swiss

The team of Mary Ann Berg, Jason Feldman, Krzysztof Buras, Grzegorz Narkiewicz, Wojciech Gawel and Rafal Jagniewski is leading the Keohane North American Swiss Teams after Saturday’s semifinal sessions. Their carryover of 24.56 victory points is more than twice as much as that of the second-place team captained by Marty Seligman.
Seligman is playing with Brian Platnick, John Diamond, Steve Beatty, Boye Brogeland and David Gold. Their carryover is 11.98.
The all-Chinese team led by Jun Zhang is third and the mostly Dutch team led by Tim Verbeek is fourth.
There are 18 teams playing in today’s final

Wilson leads Mixed Swiss

The team of Alison Wilson, Kent Mignocchi, Magdalene Ticha, Richard Ritmeijer and Ida Groenkvist is leading the NABC+ Mixed Swiss Teams after Saturday’s qualifying sessions. They finished the day 5.05 victory points ahead of a Chinese team led by Wen Wei Gao. Wilson will take a carryover of 27.29 into today’s final.
Gao is playing with Lili Shen, Jianwei Li, Nan Wang and Shao Hong Wu. Their carryover is 23.51.
In third and fourth are teams captained by Russell Samuel and Loretta Rivers.
The 68-team field was cut in half for the final.

Friday, November 30

Lee team leads Reisinger

More than a third of the field was eliminated after the first day of play in the Reisinger Board-a-Match Teams. Leading the pack going into semifinal action are Roger Lee, Michael Rosenberg, Simon De Wijs and Giovanni Donati, who set the pace in the afternoon session with 19.13. Their evening earnings of 15.5 brought their score for the day to 34.63.
The Connie Goldberg team countered with 19 in the evening session which, added to the 15 wins they picked up in the afternoon put them at 34 for the day. Goldberg is playing with Nikokay Demirev, Massimilliano Di Franco, Andrea Manno, Antonio Palma and Samuel Bahbout.
Teams captained by John McAllister and Pierre Zimmermann are tied for third for 33.5.
Ten teams will play on Sunday. Most (if not all) of the action will be carried on vugraph.

Rigal leads Swiss

The team of Barry Rigal, William Pollack, Dan Jacob, David Caprera, Jeff Aker and Douglas Simson is leading the Keohane North American Swiss Teams after Friday’s qualifying sessions. They finished about 10 victory points ahead of the team captained by Marty Seligman for a carryover of 90.38 in today’s semifinal sessions. That’s 30 VP ahead of the last qualifier.
Seligman is playing with Brian Platnick, John Diamond, Steve Beatty, Boye Brogeland and David Gold. Their carryover is 82.87.
Closely behind in third and fourth are teams led by Jeffrey Juster and Hemant Lall.
Thirty-six teams qualified for the second of three days out a 71-team field.

Thursday, November 29

Florida Pair leads Senior Mixed

Jay Whipple III and Janice Seamon-Molson put together two consistently high sessions to lead the field headed into the second and final day of the Senior Mixed Pairs. Their 65% afternoon and 57% evening earned them more than a two-board carryover.
A 67% evening game pulled ACBL Board members Margot Hennings and Bob Heller up to the two spot; they also enjoy a two-plus board carryover
Micheal Prahan and Elena Prahin from Irvington NY are in third.
Fifty-two pairs qualified to play Friday. Top will be 25. The Senior Mixed Pairs is open to players born after Jan. 1, 1959.

Japanese duo leads 10K Fast Pairs

Hiroaki Miura and Keiko Miwa of Tokyo are leading the 0–10,000 Fast Pairs after Thursday’s qualifying sessions. They got out in front in the first session with a 67% and then backed it up with a 59%. That earned them a four-board carryover going into today’s final sessions.
Jim Johnsen and Paul Darin of San Diego are in second place, behind by one board. In third are Yoko
Sobel of Brooklyn NY and Gary Donner of Bluffton SC.
Two-thirds of the 27-table field qualified for the final, where top is 17.

Wednesday, November 28

Edgtton, Whibley lead the Blues

A pair from Down Under sits atop the Kaplan Blue Ribbon Pairs. Nabil Edgtton from Sydney, Australia, and Michael Whibley from Auckland, New Zealand, lead the field going into the final day of the three-day contest. Scores of 63% and 57% on Wednesday were good enough to give the pair almost a four-board carryover.
In second are Richard Coren and Daniel Korbel, with Massimiliano De Franco and Giovanni Donati on their heels.
Fifty-two pairs will play on Thursday for the title.

Minnesotans lead Mini-Blues

Rebecca Anspach and Keith Connolly of St. Paul MN are atop the standings of the 0–6000 Mini-Blue Ribbon Pairs after Wednesday’s semifinal sessions, in which they scored 59.5% and 57.5%. They had been second after qualifying Tuesday and will take a carryover of 23.95 – almost two boards – into today’s final sessions.
Both the second- and third-place qualifiers are Canadian. Nicholas Stock and Diana Jing of British Columbia trail by 5.81 matchpoints, just 0.02 ahead of Marielle Brentnall and John Hindle of Winnipeg.
There are 28 pairs playing in today’s final.

Tuesday, November 27

Fleisher, Martel set the pace in the Blues

Carrying the momentum of their win in the Mitchell Open BAM Monday night, Martin Fleisher and Chip Martel top the field of the Kaplan Blue Ribbon Pairs after the qualifying sessions. They submitted scores of 66% and 61% to set the pace in the three-day event.
Frenchmen Jerome Rombaut and Combescune Baptiste enter the day in the two spot, while Nicolas L’Ecuyer and Zygmunt Marcinski from Quebec hold down third place.
The Kaplan Blue Ribbon Pairs is a three-day event consisting of two qualifying sessions, two semifinal sessions and two final sessions. Wednesday’s field of 104 pairs will be cut in half for the Thursday final.

Cappelletti, Fung lead Women’s Pairs

Allison Cappelletti of Delray Beach FL and Kismet Fung of Edmonton AB are leading the Whitehead Women’s Pairs after Tuesday’s qualifying sessions. They scored 57% and 65% to take the lead and a carryover of 34.98 into Wednesday’s final, where 13 will be top.
In second, just 4.4 matchpoints back, are Virginia Kellermeyer and Brenda Pugsley from the Reno–Carson City area. Californians Kate Hill and Evelyn Holz are sitting in third.
Half of the 28-table field qualified for the second day.

Canadians top Mini-Blues after day one

Layne Noble and J. Mark Siegrist of Ontario, Canada, lead the field after the qualifying sessions of the Mini-Blue Ribbon Pairs. The three-day event is limited to players with 0–6000 masterpoints.
A board out of first place were Rebecca Anspach and Keith Connolly from St. Paul MN. Sitting in third are Texans Virgil Massey and Charlene Sands.
The field of 106 pairs, reduced to 56 pairs for Wednesday’s semifinal sessions, will be cut in half for Thursday’s final.

Monday, November 26

Harris-Botzum, Harris lead 10K IMP Pairs

Fresh off their second-place finish in the 0–10,000 Swiss Teams, Miriam Harris-Botzum of Orefield PA and Marty Harris of Chicago are leading the 0–10,000 IMP Pairs after Monday’s qualifying sessions. They got off to a 7-IMP lead in the first session and piled on more in the second session to lead by 45.13. With a carryover of 26 IMPs, they’ll take a lead of 10.41 into today’s final.
In second place are Josh Donn of Las Vegas and Peter Gelfand of Corralitos CA. In third are Hua Yang of Plano TX and Yuan Wei Wang of China.
Half of the 20-table field qualified for the final.

Sunday, November 25

Nickell, Kasle square off in Senior KO

The teams captained by Nick Nickell and Gaylor Kasle meet at high noon today to decide the final running of the Baze Senior Knockout.
In the semis, Nickell dismissed the Lou Ann O’Rourke squad 104–71 despite O’Rourke’s 33–9 fourth-quarter heroics.
The Kasle match against Curtis Cheek’s team was a good deal closer. Down 87–63 after three quarters, Kasle upped their game to slide past Cheek 101–94.

Levine leads Mitchell Open BAM

The team of Mike Levine, Oren Kriegel, David Grainger, Greg Hinze, Thomas Bessis and Frederick Volcker is leading the Mitchell Open BAM after Sunday’s qualifying sessions with a score of 36.5. They have a carryover of five boards. They scored 18.5 in the first session, and in the second tied with two other teams scoring 18.
Those teams are the second- and third-place qualifiers captained by John Hurd and Roy Welland. Hurd is playing with John Kranyak, Joel Wooldridge and Vincent Demuy. Welland is playing with Sabine Auken, Reese Milner, Hemant Lall, Yinghao Liu and Linlin Liu.
Out of 92 teams, 52 qualified for today’s final.

Russians lead Women’s BAM

The Moscow-based team of Tatiana Dikhnova, Tatiana Ponomareva, Victoria Gromova and Maria Yakovleva are leading the Marsha May Sternberg Women’s Board-a-Match. They got out to a lead in the first qualifying session Sunday with a 17. In the second session, they were one of three teams tied for the top score of 15.5. They have a carryover of four boards.
In second is Loretta Rivers and her mostly Swedish squad of Meike Wortel, Sandra Rimstedt, Cecilia Rimstedt and Ida Groenkvist. The defending champions led by Ljudmila Kamenova are third.
Ten of 13 teams qualified for today’s final.

Beckers lead Super Seniors

Janet and R. Jay Becker of Delray Beach FL are leading the Super Senior Pairs after scoring 64% and 58% in Sunday’s qualifying sessions. They have a carryover of 62.38 on a 17 top.
Behind them by 1.76 are John Ashton and Dennis Metcalf from the Portland OR area. Locals Everett Fukushima and Godfrey Chang are third.
From a field of 31 tables, 36 pairs qualified for today’s final.

Saturday, November 24

Canadians lead 10K Swiss

A team from Nova Scotia holds a slim lead entering the second day of the 0-10,000 Swiss Teams. Kathie Macnab, Bill Halliday, Boyd Wells and Jo Ann Lynds have a 23.78 Victory Point carryover – 1.33 VPs ahead of the team captained by Yuanluo Wang.
Martin Harris, Miriam Harris-Botzum, John Botzum and Greg Michaels are in third with 17.75 VPs.
Eighteen teens qualified for the final day of the two-day event.

Senior KO in semifinal stage

The Baze Senior Knockout Teams is down to four.
The top-seeded Nickell team knocked off the squad led by Steve Robinson 161-67, while Lou Ann O’Rourke and company mustered a late rally to slip by Bob Drake’s team 111-108.
On the other side of the bracket, there was an upset as Paul Lewis’s two seed fell to Gaylor Kasle’s seven seed, 156-116. The four-handed Curtis Cheek team was up 110-35 over Allan Falk before Falk withdrew in the third quarter.
In the semis, Nickell faces O’Rourke while the Kasle crew takes on Cheek.
This will be the last running of this event.

Friday, November 23

Samuel, Shimamura lead Nail LM Pairs

Russell Samuel and Kyoko Shimamura followed up a 65% afternoon game with a 63% game in the evening to lead the Nail Life Master Pairs. Samuel is from Coram NY and Shimamura is from Tokyo, Japan.
Canadians Nicolas L’Ecuyer and Zygmunt Marcinski trail the leaders by 57 matchpoints, while Mark Dahl and Dan Morse sit in third.
104 of the 203 pairs who entered qualified to play on the final day of the two-day contest. Top today will be 51.
Here is the complete list of qualifiers.

Senior KO in quarterfinals

A field of 10 teams in the Baze Senior Knockout was narrowed to eight Friday. Teams captained by Nick Nickell, Paul Lewis, Curtis Cheek and Lou Ann O’Rourke received byes. The remaining teams were divided into two matches.
In a head-to-head, the team captained by Bob Drake advanced as Gay Conklin’s squad withdrew after two quarters, 178–11.
In a four-way match, the teams of Allan Falk and Gaylor Kasle secured spots in the first half, Falk defeating Bonnie Broders 91–24 as Kasle bested Steve Robinson 65–57. In the playoff for the last spot, Broders withdrew after going down 52–14 in one quarter.
In today’s quarterfinal matches, Nickell faces Robinson, Lewis meets Kasle, Cheek meets Falk and O’Rourke faces Drake.

Thursday, November 22

Ferguson wins Robot Individual

After moving into the lead on Day 2 of the 2018 Fall NABC Robot Individual, Jonathan Ferguson of Ottawa ON maintained firm control of the event by posting a 74.14% score in the third and final session to win the contest with a three-day average of 72.17%. The contest was played Nov. 19-21.
In second with 70.14% was Leo LaSota of Glen Burnie MD, and third place went to Honolulu’s Mark Bennett with 68.18%.
The Flight B winner was Samuel Ieong of Mountain View CA with 65.38% (14th overall).
The top Flight C score was turned in by Junhui Zhu of Burnaby BC with 60.94% (87th overall).
The overall leader list is here.
Results from Day 3 are here.
Results from Day 2 are here.
Results from Day 1 are here.

Wednesday, November 21

Robot Individual, Day 2

Boosted by a huge 78.18% score Day 2 of the 2018 Fall NABC Robot Individual, Jonathan Ferguson of Ottawa ON has taken the lead in the three-day contest. Ferguson’s two-day average is 71.19%.
In second with an average of 70.87% is David Yang of Darien IL. Third place is held by Leo LaSota of Glen Burnie MD with 70.16%.
Leading Flight B is Jennifer Stern of Saratoga CA with 66.32% (11th overall), while Lucian Popescu of Vancouver BC leads Flight C with 64.90% (22nd overall).

Tuesday, November 20

Robot Individual, Day 1

Harley Bress of Barrow AK posted the top score in the opening day of the 2018 Fall NABC Robot Individual. Bress leads the field of 1623 participants with a 75.53% score.
In second place with 73.64% is Yauheni Siutsau of Loveland OH.
In Flight B, the leader after Day 1 is Patrick Johnson of Clinton WA with a 70.28% performance (12th overall), while Alex Martelli of Sunnyvale CA is first in Flight C with 69.48% (13th overall).

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