Shrive wins 10K Knockout

Winners of the 0–10,000 Knockout: Juan Castillo, Saul Gross, Anthony Barre, Michael Ranis, Don Dalpe and Al Shrive.

In the 2017 version of the 10K Knockout final, Al Shrive and company lost to Viktor Anikovich‘s team. This year, Shrive prevailed, 112–60.
“I have a better team this year,” said Shrive, noting his lineup was three players from last year’s squad and three new players. Shrive played with Don Dalpe, Michael Ranis, Anthony Barre, Saul Gross and Juan Castillo. Anikovich played with David Pelka, Alan Daniels and Bob and Ellen Kent, all winners in Kansas City, though they were down a man.
Shrive led all the way, going up 32–8 in the first quarter and widening the lead by about 10 IMPs each quarter thereafter. The event is limited to players with less than 10,000 masterpoints.

Second in the 0–10,000 Knockout: David Pelka, captain Viktor Anikovich, Bob Kent, Ellen Kent and Alan Daniels.

It was a first-time limited NABC win for four members of the team. Gross and Castillo won the Mini-Blue Ribbon Pairs last fall in San Diego, and Gross previously won the Mini-Spingold in 2011.
Bracket sheet may be found here.