Search Launched

A special committee has been appointed by ACBL President Jay Whipple to fill the organization’s top management position.

“I am grateful to these directors for agreeing to serve on the search committee,” says Whipple, “and especially to Paul Cuneo for leading the effort. We know the organization is in good hands with Chief Financial Officer Joe Jones as acting executive director. This will allow us to take our time in securing the best candidate.”

The Board members serving on the search committee are:

  • Paul Cuneo, Chair, District 16
  • Joann Glasson, District 4
  • Georgia Heth, District 8
  • A.J. Stephani, District 11
  • Claire Jones, District 18
  • Richard Popper, Board of Governors Chair

“Georgia provides veteran continuity to the search process,” Whipple says, “while the rest of the committee members bring a fresh eye to these proceedings.”

Cuneo calls the opportunity to step back and look at the ACBL management structure exciting.

“Our first step will be to define the search process and clearly articulate the skills and qualities we’re looking for,” Cuneo says. “We’ll be studying what other similar organizations are doing and how they’re organized.”

According to Cuneo, the committee will also rely on professional advice and support from outside the Board.

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