Robot winner

Martin Henneberger

Martin Henneberger of Coquitlam BC won the Summer NABC Robot Individual with a score of 68.62%. Henneberger had been in second place after the first two days by about 4 percentage points behind Fred Pollack, but Henneberger’s day three score of 67.52% put him over when Pollack could muster only 55.75%. Pollack of Laval QC finished second with 67.31%.

Sheng Li / Photo by Jonathan Steinberg

Sheng Li of New York won flight B with 64.52%, just 0.06% ahead of day 2 leader John Mayne of Modesto CA. Li had been second after two days. They finished seventh and eighth overall. Originally from China, Li does freelance work in finance. “Robot bridge is a great way to keep in shape for ‘real’ bridg when I do not have a partner or time,” he says.

Sean McNally

Sean McNally of Minneapolis won flight C with 64.08%. He placed 11th overall and led flight C each day of the event after scoring 69.46% the first day. McNally is a senior at the University of Minnesota majoring in math “and bridge – although the university keeps telling me that last one doesn’t count,” he said. He will be playing in the Collegiate Bridge Bowl in Las Vegas.
Another flight C player, Alexander Medved of Cary NC, posted the highest score in Monday’s session, a 73.86%.
Henneberger is regularly among the top scorers in the Bridge Bulletin’s monthly It’s Your Call contest and won it in 2016. A golfer and fantasy sports hobbyist, he also represented Canada last year in the Commonwealth Nations Bridge Competition.
Complete results are available here.

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