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Director Courses

Club Director Course

This comprehensive course prepares candidates for directing club and bridge cruise games. Anyone interested in becoming a club director or a director aboard a cruise ship is invited to participate. Study materials may be purchased through Baron Barclay Bridge Supply. The course fee includes the cost of the test as well.

Start End Time City/State Location Contact Fee
June 5 June 8 Evenings Online via Zoom Register $50

Local Director Course

Starting in 2023, the ACBL introduced a new kind of sectional tournament, the Local Sectional. These sectionals award partial silver points, but the unit can use a specially certified club director or tournament assistant (a Local Director) instead of a regular tournament director.

Beginning July 1, 2023, Local Directors must receive certification to direct Local Sectionals. The position requires knowledge and performance higher than what is required at the club director level.

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Local Director Certification
The certification course is highly reliant on directed self-study. Students will receive a link to written study materials after registration but are also expected to also gather their own resources.

There is a period of four weeks between the end of registration of the course and the final exam with three Q&A Zoom sessions in the meantime. While attendance at the tutor-led Q&A sessions is strongly recommended, it is not required. Students may also reach the tutor via email at

Following the third Zoom session, students will receive a link to the final exam and have a week to complete it. They may refer to their study materials while taking the exam.

Each course is limited to 40 students.

Register Q&A Zoom Q&A Zoom Q&A Zoom Exam Ships Deadline for Exam
Registration deadline May 28
June 9
9 pm (Eastern Time)
June 17
9 pm (Eastern Time)
June 18
9 pm (Eastern Time)
June 19 June 25
Course #1 is full
May 14
6 pm (Eastern Time)
May 20
6 pm (Eastern Time)
May 21
6 pm (Eastern Time)
May 22 May 28
Course #2 is full

May 28
8 pm (Eastern Time)
June 3
8 pm (Eastern Time)
June 4
8 pm (Eastern Time)
June 5 June 11
Course #3 is full
May 29
9 pm (Eastern Time)
June 5
9 pm (Eastern Time)
June 6
9 pm (Eastern Time)
June 7 June 13

ACBL Club Director Refresher Course

The ACBL Club Director Update Course is presented at NABC tournaments to inform about recent changes in ACBL Laws, masterpoint awards, Alert procedures, and club regulations.

Start End Time City/State Location Contact Fee
Recorded Session Now Online Watch the Recorded Course