July 20-22, 2023

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Win Free Trips to the 2023 Bridge Bowl in Chicago!

Travel Packages

ACBL and the ACBL Educational Foundation will provide travel packages to eight college teams and 12 college pairs to attend the 2023 Bridge Bowl in Chicago July 20-22. Travel packages are limited to one team/pair per college.

Team Travel Packages

A team can have four to six players. Each travel package will support a team to travel to and compete in the Collegiate Bridge Bowl in Chicago IL, July 20-22, 2023 (travel days July 19 and 23).

  • Airfare up to $500 per person
  • Four nights of hotel room (double occupancy)
  • Per-diem of $50 per person

Pair Travel Packages

Travel packages will be awarded to 12 college pairs. Each travel package will support a pair to travel to and compete in the Collegiate Bridge Bowl Pairs Championship in in Chicago IL, July 21-22, 2023 (travel days July 20 and 23):

  • Airfare up to $500 per person
  • Three nights of hotel room (double occupancy)
  • Per-diem of $50 per person

Additional Packages

Pairs Participation Packages

Six pair travel packages will be awarded based on game activity. Pairs that have previously won a travel package are ineligible for the participation package.

Players can earn one participation point each day, by playing in the College Bridge Online (CBO) Daily Tournament during March 15-April 30 (“Just Declare” tournaments are not eligible for entries).

Pairs will be ranked by highest total of participation points as of Sunday, April 30 (Midnight, Pacific Time). In case of a tie in point count, the winners will be decided by a random drawing.

Participation packages will be awarded on Wednesday, May 3.

To be included for a chance to win a participation package, pairs must register by Saturday, March 11.

Online Tournament Information
Team Tournaments

Tournaments will be two-session online events held on BBO. Tournaments will award masterpoints to the top teams. For more details, see the Conditions of Contest.


Tournament 2: Sunday, April 16, 2023 (must register by Sunday, April 9)

Four team packages will be awarded following each tournament.

Pairs Tournament

The Pairs tournament will be held on Sunday, April 23 (must register by Thursday, April 20). (Format?)

Team Registration Team RegistrationPair Registration Pair RegistrationJoin CBO Join CBO

Required Forms
Agreement of Fair and Sportsmanlike Participation Agreement of Fair and Sportsmanlike ParticipationTeam Proctor Agreement Team Proctor AgreementPair Proctor Agreement Pair Proctor Agreement

  • All teams/pairs will be required to sign up a “proctor” (may be team’s coach) who will audit play. Please note that if team members are in different locations, each player must have their own proctor.
  • Participants must be an ACBL member in good standing.
  • A maximum of one team and one pair travel package can be awarded to each college. Therefore, as soon as one team wins a package, other teams from same college are not eligible for a travel award. However, one pair from that college may win a pair travel package.
  • All teams and pairs participating in the Spring Online Tournaments and “game activity” events must submit a signed Agreement of Fair and Sportsmanlike Participation for each player and return it to the ACBL Education Department by February 22, 2023 (can be submitted on registration form).
  • Proctors must sign and submit a Proctor Agreement after each event (see Conditions of Contest for details).
  • Package winners are expected to play each day they are at the tournament, so if a team is knocked out after the Swiss round in Day 1, they must play as pairs in the pair events (in the event of a five-man team, at least four team members must play in the pairs games).
  • Any team/pair not winning a travel package can still participate in the Collegiate Bridge Bowl Championship. There will be no entry fees for the Championship events. Registration opens Wednesday, May 3 and closes Monday, July 10. Walk-up participants must show proof of college enrollment.
  • In order to participate in a Spring Tournament, each member of a team or pair must be a member of the CBO (College Bridge Online), and have played in at least two CBO Daily Tournaments on BBO during the 2022-2023 school year. Sign up for CBO.

Conditions of Contest
Teams TeamsPairs Pairs