Player Roundup

If a genie could grant you a game with anyone you wanted for a partner, who you choose? Daily Bulletin staff wandered through the playing areas Friday asking people this question: If you could play with any person, living or dead, who would you choose, and why? Here are their answers.
“Eddie Kantar. Because of all his books. I use them a lot.”
Carol Hellebrand
Yorba Linda CA
“Warren Buffet or Bill Gates. Just for the pleasure of playing with someone famous.”
George Welch
San Jose CA

“Omar Sharif. He knew a lot about bridge and was sure good looking.”
Kris St. Clair
Brea CA

“My son. I’d prefer to come in second to last with him than win with anyone else.”
Zia Mahmood
New York NY

“Alfred Sheinwold. I think his book ‘Five Weeks to Winning Bridge’ is the best ever.”
Randy Naef
McMinnville OR

“Sylvia Shi. Because she’s of Chinese descent and so am I and she’s a very smart player.”
Barbara Tang
Bethesda MD

“Belladonna. I love the way he plays. I read the books. Also Lew Stansby.”
Vandana Vidwans
Fremont CA

“Barry Crane. He’s probably the best matchpoint player of all time.”
George Kuppler
Brookings OR

“Joe Grue. He was my mentor for 22 years. He taught me not only how to play bridge but how to be at the bridge table.”
Ruth Stober
Floral Park NY

“Bruce Ferguson. I like the way he enjoys the game. And my mother. She died just as I was starting to play.”
Matt Smith
Tournament director

“Michael Rosenberg. I won a club date with him in a raffle, so this is a wish that will come true. Also my father, who I played with for 40 years to great enjoyment.”
John Hoffman
Mountain View CA

“Barry Crane. He’s the only guy I didn’t play with. I have a picture of him kibitzing me on my business card.”
Ron Smith
Chicago IL

“Judi Hager. My old partner who passed away about 15 years ago. That was my first high-level partnership.”
Jeff Jacob
Tournament director
 “Bob Hamman. He’s always been an idol of mine.”
Virgil Massey
Driftwood TX

“With my partner (Bernardo Biondo).”
Massimo Vassallo
Rome Italy
“Agustin Madala. He’s maybe the fastest, strongest active player now.”
Bernardo Biondo
Rome Italy

“Jeff Meckstroth. He’s very good and I’ve never played with him.”
Agustin Madala
Buenos Aires
 “I’m not sure. There’s too many – any of the top women players.”
Emma Kolesnik
Ventura CA
“Benito Garozzo. He’s a bridge legend.”
Rajeev Gupta
Oakland CA
“Bill Gates. Because he’s probably really smart.”
Gina Otto
Brea CA

“Gina Otto (my wife).”
Rolland Otto
Brea CA
“Omar Sharif. That good-looking man!”
Carol Johns
Scottsdale AZ

“Zia Mahmood. He’s the most fun, the most flagrant person you’ll ever meet.”
Zack Grossack
Newton MA
“Terrence Reese. I’ve gotten a lot out of his books.”
Leila Sink
Los Gatos CA
“My father. Because I never got to play with him. I learned after he died.”
Harvey Bush
Green Valley AZ

“Charles Goren. He was Mr. Bridge when I was in my prime.”
Merrel Olesen
La Jolla CA

“Myself. I’d like to get insight into what it’s like to play with me.”
Janice Seamon-Molson
Hollywood FL

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