Phoenix NABC Leaderboard

Sunday, Dec. 4

Zimmermann leads Reisinger BAM

The team captained by Pierre Zimmermann led the semifinal round of the Reisinger BAM. After qualifying second, the Zimmermann team scored 19.5 wins in the first semifinal and 18.5 in the second to earn a hefty carryover of five boards. Zimmermann is playing with Piotr Gawrys, Michal Klukowski, Sjoert Brink, Sebastiaan Drijver and Fernando Piedra.

The squad of Roger Lee, Simon Ekenberg, Kevin Rosenberg and Simon Cope are in second with a carryover of 2.78. The Nickell team is third with 2.67.

Ten teams will contest today’s final.

Hill leads Keohane Swiss

After today’s semifinal sessions, the team captained by Joyce Hill of St. Augustine FL is leading the field in the Keohane North American Swiss Teams. Hill’s teammates are Kevin Dwyer, Cecilia Dwyer Rimstedt, Shan Huang, Ola Rimstedt and Mikael Rimstedt. They have a carryover of 25.47 going into today’s two-session final.

In second place are Robert Hollman, Billy Cohen, Berend Van Den Bos, Joris van Lankveld, Wubbo De Boer and Agnes Snellers with a carryover of 19.16.

In third are Friday’s leaders Franck Multon, Vasileios Vroustis, Nikolaos Delimpaltadakis, Kiki Ward-Platt, Giacomo Percario, and Giovanni Donati.

The 36 semifinalists have been whittled down to 18 teams for today’s two-session final.

Brody leads NABC+ Mixed Swiss

Joan Brody of Livingston NJ, playing with Joel Wooldridge, Marion Michielsen, Per-Ola Cullin and Janice Seamon-Molson, is leading the field of qualifiers for today’s two-session final in the NABC+ Mixed Swiss. They finished the day with 119.59 VPs.

In second place with 111.08 VPs are Katarzyna Dufrat, Claire Alpert, Francisco Bernal, Alfredo Versace and Antonio Sementa.

In third are John Jones, Lynne Feldman, Kitty Cooper, Mark Dahl, Guillermo Minutti and C. Valerie Gamio.

Of the 90 teams that entered the event, 46 qualified for the final.

Saturday, Dec. 3

Fleisher leads Reisinger BAM

The squad captained by Marty Fleisher topped the qualifying round of the Reisinger Board-a-Match Teams. The Fleisher team scored 17 wins in the first session and 16 in the second to finish with 33 points for the day. Fleisher is playing with Chip Martel, Tom Hanlon, Leslie Amoils, Cedric Lorenzini and Thomas Bessis.

In second with an adjusted score of 32.83 is Pierre Zimmermann and company.

Third place is held by Vinita Gupta’s squad with 32.

Of the 32 teams that entered the contest, 20 advanced to today’s semifinal session.

Multon leads Keohane Swiss Teams

 Franck Multon of Monaco, playing with Vasileios Vroustis, Nikolaos Delimpaltadakis, Kiki Ward-Platt, Giacomo Percario and Giovanni Donati, are leading the Keohane North American Swiss Teams. Multon won all but one of their matches and were comfortably in the top tier of teams for most of the day. Their 116.14 VPs just edged out the second-place team, Andy Goodman, Mike Passell, Mark Lair, Bauke Muller and Simon De Wijs by .80 VPs.

In third place are Anant Rathi, Andrew Gumperz, Andrew Hoskins and Robert Todd.

Of the 70 teams that entered the three-day event, 36 qualified for today’s two-session semifinal.

Friday, Dec. 2

Barrett, Solick lead Senior Mixed Pairs

Karen Lee Barrett of Elk Point SD and Robert Solick, Berthoud CO had two solid first qualifying sessions – 58.33% and 60.96% – to lead the field in the Senior Mixed pairs. They will have a carryover of 98.03 (38 top) for today’s two-session final.

In second place are Annie Schwartz and Alan Schwartz of Fairfax VA. They too had consistently strong sessions and will have a carryover of 91.62.

In third place are Lynne Feldman and Sam Madison-Jammal of San Diego CA with a carryover of 86.98.

Of the 146 pairs that entered the event, 78 qualified for today’s final.

10K Fast Pairs:

Gettleman, Dehlin in front

Eric Gettleman of Ellicott City MD and Barry Dehlin of Dersher PA lead the qualifiers in the NABC 0–10,000 Fast Pairs. Gettleman and Dehlin posted solid 58.95% and 57.75% scores in Thursday’s opening round. Their two-session total is 788.89 matchpoints (26 = top).

In second with 776.30 are Mike Develin of Kirkland WA and Eric Mayefsky of Washington DC.

Omer Ekinci of Stamford CT and Metin Guven of Turkey are third with 755.84 matchpoints.

Twenty-eight of the 53 pairs who entered the event qualified for today’s two-session final.

Thursday, Dec. 1

Soloway final: Street vs Cope

 The teams captained by Paul Street and Simon Cope will face off in today’s Soloway Knockout Teams final.

In the semifinal, Street trailed at the end of the first quarter, but came back strong to defeat the Feldman team 162–99.

Street is playing with Nicolas L’Ecuyer, Andrea Manno, Massimiliano Di Franco, Ron Pachtmann and Piotr Pawel Zatorski.

The other semifinal match was a thrilling come-from-behind win for Cope. Playing against the Fleisher team, Cope trailed the entire time and entered the last set down by 46 IMPs. They outscored Fleisher 65–14 in the fourth quarter to earn a spot in the final.

Playing with Cope are Kevin Rosenberg, Finn Kolesnik and Ishmael Del’Monte.

Munday, Pavlicek lead Blues

Jim Munday of Albuquerque NM and Richard Pavlicek of Fort Lauderdale built a huge lead in Wednesday’s semifinal sessions of the Kaplan Blue Ribbon Pairs. After qualifying 33rd on Tuesday, they scored 69% and 66.10% to earn the maximum carryover of four full boards.

Joel Wooldridge and Kent Mignocchi of New York are second, about a board and a quarter back. Jacek Kalita and Michal Klukowski of Poland held onto their third-place qualifying position. First-day leaders David Caprera and Anne Brenner of Denver CO dropped to fifth.

Fifty-two pairs advanced to today’s final round.

Pikens maintain lead in Mini-Blues

The father-son duo of Ed and Michael Piken won the qualifying round of the 0–6000 Blue Ribbon Pairs, and they kept the pole position in the semifinal round. The Pikens scored 60.77% and 61.62% in Wednesday’s semifinal sessions to lead the remaining 28 pairs for today’s two-session final.

Frank Xie and Mukund Thapa were second after the first day of play in the contest, and they remained in the No. 2 spot after Wednesday’s round.

In third place are Andrew Clements and Jonathan Cohn of Nebraska.

Wednesday, Nov. 30

Soloway semis:

Feldman vs. Street;

Fleisher vs. Cope

The quarterfinal round of the Soloway KO Teams saw several close matches.

Jason Feldman and company held on to win against Andrew Rosenthal’s squad 133–129.

Paul Street’s team held off a fourth-quarter rally by Laurence Lebowitz’s squad to advance to the semifinal 94–87.

In the other bracket, Marty Fleisher’s lineup defeated Andy Goodman’s team in overtime 134–125. The Simon Cope vs. Patricia Cayne match was close in the first half, but Cope opened up a large lead in the second half to win 167–130.

The semifinal matchups will be Feldman vs. Street and Fleisher vs. Cope.

Caprera, Brenner lead Blue Ribbon quals

David Caprera and Anne Brenner – a couple from Denver CO – topped the qualifying round in the Kaplan Blue Ribbon Pairs. Caprera and Brenner posted a 59.55% game in the morning session and a 64.00% game in the second set to finish a half-board ahead of brothers John Bishel and Tom Bishel of Columbus OH.

In third place are Jacek Kalita and Michal Klukowski of Poland.

Of the 220 pairs who entered the three-day contest, 104 advanced to today’s semifinal round.

Bryant, Nisbet in front in Women’s Pairs

Brenda Bryant of Ferndale MI and Pamela Nisbet of New Zealand lead the field in the two-day Whitehead Women’s Pairs. Bryant and Nisbet scored 63.72% and 61.28% in Tuesday’s opening round. They are almost two boards ahead of Melody Euler and Lilly Justman of Austin TX.

Marjorie O’Malley of San Diego CA and Donna Dulet of Ocean NJ.

Fifty-two pairs will play in today’s two-session final.

Tuesday, Nov. 29

Three top seeds fall in Soloway R16

In Monday’s Round of 16 in the Soloway Knockout Teams, the No. 1 seed Nickell team fell to original No. 17 seed captained by Jason Feldman (Daniel Zagorin, Peter Bertheau, Oren Toledano, Ami Zamir and Simon Ekenberg). Feldman trailed at the end of every quarter and entered the fourth down by 9 IMPs, but outscored Nickell in the last set to win the match 126–121; they will face Rosenthal in the quarterfinal.

The No. 2 seed captained by Joe Grue never got it going against the No. 15 seed captained by Andy Goodman (Mike Passell, Mark Lair, Simon De Wijs, Bauke Muller). They trailed by big numbers for most of the day, eventually losing 156–66.

No. 14 seed Simon Cope (Kevin Rosenberg, Finn Kolesnik and Ishmael Del’Monte) capsized the No. 3 seed Francisco Bernal squad (Miguel Villas-Boas, Antonio Sementa and Alfredo Versace) 180–123.

Hill, Jacobson lead 10K IMP Pairs

Californians Kate Hill and Tom Jacobson set the pace in the openig round of the 0–10,000 IMP Pairs, posting a two-session total of 88.79 IMPs.

In second with 77.92 IMPs are Jon Bartlett of Happy Valley OR and Patricia Herrera of Mexico.

Third place is occupied by Californians Leila Sink and John Hoffman with 70.82.

Thirty-five pairs entered the contest; 18 advanced to today’s two-session final.

Monday, Nov. 28

Wild Round of 32 in Soloway KO

The first knockout round of the Soloway KO Teams saw everything from blowouts to upsets to close matches.

In the blowout department: No. 2 Joe Grue defeated No. 31 Tom Carmichael 171–71; No. 7 Marty Fleisher romped over No. 26 Stan Tulin 130–34; No. 10 Hemant Lall had an easy time with No. 23 Adam Wildavsky 152–54; and No. 4 Laurence Lebowitz destroyed No. 29 William Bailey 234–95.

In the upset (and blowout) category, the No. 13 seed led by Pierre Zimmerman got hammered by npc Hansa Narasimhan’s squad – the No. 20 seed – 188–93.

Sartaj Hans’s No. 6 squad got shown the exit by the No. 27 seed led by Patricia Cayne. Andrew Dyson’s No. 24 seed beat No. 9 Vinita Gupta’s team 134–110, while Richard Plackett’s No. 21 seed took out Mike Levine’s No. 12 seed 106–75.

Krantz leads BAM

The team captained by Corey Krantz is narrowly leading the Mitchell Board-a-Match Teams. Krantz’s teammates are Bruce Lang, Jerry Stamatov and Ivan Nanev Ivanov. They have a carryover of 5.00 for today’s two-session final.

In second place is the team captained by John Overdeck, playing with Aldo Gerli, Leonardo Fruscoloni and Norberto Bocchi. They have a carryover of 4.74.

In third place with a carryover of 4.47 is the squad captained by Gavin Wolpert, with Warren Spector, John Hurd, Kevin Bathurst, Vincent Demuy and John Kranyak.

Tied for fourth/fifth with 4.21 are the Bodell and McAllister squads.

Fifty-two teams qualified for today’s two-session final.

Stenberg, Rodwell lead Super Senior Pairs

Eileen Cripps Stenberg of Asbury IA and Donna Rodwell of Clearwater Beach FL posted a strong 65.97% score in the second qualifying session of the Super Senior Pairs to take the lead. They scored 52.53% in the first session. They will have a carryover of 39.22 for tomorrow’s two-session final (27 top).

Bruce Ferguson of Las Vegas NV and Brenda Keller Meridian ID led the field after the first session with a 65.66% score but dropped to second place after a below-average result in the second qualifier. Their carryover is 32.06.

Richard Catero of Mesa AZ and Jim Lenertz of Scottsdale AZ are in third with a carryover of 27.33.

The event is restricted to players who are at least 75 years old. Of the 46 pairs that entered the event, 28 qualified for today’s two-session final.

Sunday, Nov. 27

Grue squad leads Soloway quals

The team captained by Joe Grue completely controlled the Swiss qualifier in the Soloway KO Teams, finishing more than 35 VPs ahead of the runners-up led by Nick Nickell. Grue is playing with Brad Moss, Sheri Winestock, Roger Lee, Marion Michielsen and Per-Ola Cullin. Their four-session total was 236.90 VPs.

In second is Nickell with 201.89 VPs. Nickell’s lineup is  Ralph Katz, Robert Levin, Steve Weinstein, Geoff Hampson, and Eric Greco.

Third place is occupied by the Down Under foursome of Sartaj Hans, Peter Gill, Michael Whibley and Nabil Edgtton who scored 192.49 VPs.

The 32 qualifying teams will play head-to-head knockout matches starting today. See page xxx for pairings.

Shourie leads 10K Swiss Teams

The squad of Rajath Shourie, Giorgia Botta, Benjamin Klauder and Shawn Drenning topped the qualifying round in the 0–10,000 NABC Swiss Teams. The Shourie squad scored 108.82 victory points in Saturday’s opening round, just ahead of Allison Cappelletti’s team who scored 107.51 VP. Cappelletti is playing with Paula Coleman, Toni Bales and Diane Travis.

In third place with 106.32 VP are Mukund Thapa, Stephen Castellino, Mark McCarthy and Frank Xie.

Thirty-six squads entered the two-day contest, and 18 advanced to today’s final.

Saturday, Nov. 26

Grue team leads Soloway qualifying

The team of Joe Grue, Brad Moss, Sheri Winestock, Roger Lee, Marion Michielsen and Per-Ola Cullin leads the first day of the qualifying round of the Soloway KO Teams with 118.59 victory points. The event consists of a two-day Swiss from which 32 teams will qualify for a five-day KO. Fifty-three teams entered.

In second are Francisco Bernal, Miguel Villas-Boas, Antonio Sementa and Alfredo Versace, behind by 7.20 VPs. The Nickell team (Nick Nickell, Ralph Katz, Robert Levin, Steve Weinstein, Geoff Hampson and Eric Greco) is third.

Florida duo lead Nail LM Pairs

Jonathan Green of Melbourne FL and Edward Spear of Sarasota FL topped the field after Friday’s first two qualifying sessions of the Nail Life Master Pairs. Their score of 65.19% in the first session landed them in second place; they followed that up with 61.87% in the second session, taking the lead. They will have a carryover of 190.52 (51 top) going into the final.

In second place is Brenda Keller of Meridian ID and Bruce Ferguson of Las Vegas NV with scores of 58.08% and 67.59%. Their carryover is 181.16.

In third place are George Jacobs and Claude Vogel – who led after the first session with 67.14% – and finished the second session with 55.56%.

Of the 190 pairs that entered the event, 104 qualified to play in today’s two-session final.

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