Pepsi leads POY

Jacek ‘Pepsi’ Pszczola

Jacek “Pepsi” Pszczola is the leading contender for Player of the Year by nearly 100 points as the race enters its final days. After winning both the Spingold and Soloway, reaching the quarterfinal of the Vanderbilt and placing fifth in the von Zedtwitz Life Master Pairs, Pepsi has amassed 684.16 platinum points this year.
The Player of the Year is the person who wins the most platinum points in a year. Platinum points are awarded primarily in NABC+ events, with small amounts available in limited NABC events.
The top five leaders in the race are all members of the Blass team, the rest of whom have 602.73 points.

Vincent Demuy

Pepsi’s competition in the race comes from the two men sitting in sixth and seventh: Vincent Demuy and Ralph Katz. Everyone in the top 11 is a member of one of three teams: Blass, Spector and Nickell. With all three teams in the Reisinger, the other members of the teams don’t have a way to catch their leading teammate. Demuy has 590.31 and Katz 580.31.
The members of the winning team in the Reisinger get 200 platinum points. Fourth place is worth 92.31, and third 112.50. So if Spector or Nickell wins the Reisinger, they would need Blass to finish no higher than fourth for Demuy or Katz to catch Pepsi.

Ralph Katz

Blass is the defending champion in the Reisinger.
The highest person on the leader list who is not a member of one of the three leading teams is Michael Becker, in 12th with 502.48. That’s likely too far back to be in contention.

  1. Jacek Pszczola, Chapel Hill NC                                             684.16
  2. Sebastiaan Drijver, Switzerland                                             602.73
  3. Michal Nowosadzki, Poland                                                   602.73
  4. Sjoert Brink, Switzerland                                                       602.73
  5. Jacek Kalita, Poland                                                               602.73
  6. Vincent Demuy, Palm Beach Gardens FL                             590.31
  7. Ralph Katz, Burr Ridge IL                                                     580.03
  8. Nick Nickell, New York NY                                                  577.91
  9. Joel Wooldridge, Jackson Heights NY                                  556.98
  10. John Hurd, New York NY                                                      544.86
  11. Jeff Meckstroth, Clearwater Beach FL                                   542.08
  12. Michael Becker, Boca Raton FL                                            502.48

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