Mini-Blues Domination

Juan Castillo and Saul Gross won the 0–5000 Mini-Blue Ribbon Pairs by a large margin.

Except for the first qualifying session, when they were only fourth, Saul Gross of Miami Beach FL and Juan Castillo of Fort Lauderdale FL led the entire way through the Mini-Blue Ribbon Pairs. Their lead grew from one session to the next until they finished more than five boards ahead.
“We focused on defense,” Castillo said. “We gave up very few tricks and collected a lot of overtricks. And we kept it simple.”
They scored 64.92% and 60.69% in Thursday’s final sessions after racking up 63.15%, 68.62%, 74.17% and 55.09% in the first four sessions.
It was the first time they played together in a tournament, Gross said.

Runners-up Margie Cole and Leonardo Fuscoloni

Margie Cole and Leonardo Fuscoloni of New York finished second.
Here’s the list of winners.