McDevitt-Gabay win Mixed


Winners of the Rockwell Mixed Pairs: Pat McDevitt and Sheila Gabay.

Boston-area players Pat McDevitt and Sheila Gabay tore through the field of finalists in the Rockwell Mixed Pairs to win the contest by almost three boards. McDevitt and Gabay qualified second in Tuesday’s opening round. The final saw them turn in 62.21% and 65.91% performances to convincingly claim the victory. Their four-session total was 3419.97 on a 95 top.

Runners-up in the Rockwell Mixed Pairs: Mark Itabashi and Veronica McMurdie.

In second place with 3149.80 were Mark Itabashi of Murietta CA and Veronica McMurdie of Sacramento.
This was the second victory for McDevitt and Gabay. The pair won the event in 2012. McDevitt now has five NABC titles, as well as world championship (the 2010 World Senior Pairs, also played in Philadelphia). This is Gabay’s third NABC title.
In 2017, McDevitt and Gabay were leading the Mixed Pairs after three sessions, but a poor last set dropped them to eighth place.
Results may be found here.