Locals Win 10K IMP Pairs

Winners of the 0–10,000 IMP Pairs: Bill Grant and Ron Kay

Ron Kay and Bill Grant of San Diego won the 0–10,000 IMP Pairs on Tuesday, finishing 12.05 IMPs ahead with a score of 85.60.
Bill St. Clair of Cypress TX and Seth Cohen of Stamford CT were second.
It’s the second win in a limited NABC event for Kay, who won the Bruce LM–5000 Pairs in 2014.

Second in the 0–10,000 IMP Pairs: Seth Cohen and Bill St. Clair

“Both times I’m playing Standard American when no one else plays it,” Kay said. “I’ve resisted 2/1. When I try to play different gadgets, I don’t play ‘bridge,’ I play ‘system.’”
For Grant, winning the event – his first – was a surreal experience. “It’s like how they say: if you put a monkey in a room with a typewriter, it can write the works of Shakespeare. I feel like that.”