Try something new. Try Bridge.

Want to keep your brain sharp?

Playing bridge is like mental exercise. With each hand of this card game, you’re strengthening your memory and strategy power. Bridge is the ultimate mindsport.

Looking to meet new people?

The bridge-playing community is large and wide-spread. You’ll find a bridge club in almost every city. Also, because bridge is a partnership game, you develop personal connections right away.

Seeking a new hobby?

Whether you are looking for competition or something more relaxed, bridge is a great option for you. Learn the ultimate card game and discover your new passion.

Need a plan for game night?

Bridge is a game made for groups of people. All you need is a deck of cards and at least four players. Challenge your friends to something beyond the usual board game.

Learn the game and meet other players

Many bridge clubs offer group classes or can recommend an experienced teacher. Contact a club close to you to find when the next group is starting!

Learn Bridge in A Day?®: five-hour concentrated course geared towards true beginners, those returning to bridge after long absences and those wanting to “test the waters.” The course includes both class instruction and coached play. More information and schedule.

Practice & play at a Club or Online

Clubs offer social and competitive games, for novice and experienced players. Busy schedule? Online Clubs host social game and sanctioned tournaments where you can earn ACBL masterpoints. Connect and play from anywhere, anytime.

Just Play Bridge

This is a no-frills, infinite stream of bridge hands, scored Total Points style. As South, you are guaranteed to have the most high-card points of all hands (“Best Hand” game). Play as many hands as you like, at your own pace!
Looking for more serious practice? Create a free account now at BBO to play in social tables or challenge other players in duplicate tournaments.


(No bidding required)

From BBO‘s Learn and Play bridge, this game allows you to determine the trump suit, predict the number of tricks you can take and practice play of the hand.

Bridge Master

Bridge Master is an educational online tool that will improve your declarer play technique. You must be a BBO member to practice. Create a free account or login at (Bridge Master can be found in the “Practice” section.)


Learn to Play Bridge (LTPB)

An interactive, learn-as-you-play web-based program powered by Bridge Base robots. LTPB online proves a safe environment for players to test and learn new skills. LTPB online can be accessed from any device with an internet connection (download software also available).

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