Las Vegas Wrap-up

Nearly 50 pairs and 14 teams participated in the 2019 Collegiate Bridge Bowl for their chance at more than $30,000 in scholarships. In addition to bridge, players enjoyed a brunch sponsored by the ACBL Educational Foundation and Jeopardy champion, James Holzhauer. Check out our Facebook album for candids from the brunch and photos of our winning teams and pairs.

Congratulations to the winners of these events:

Bridge Bowl Teams

  • 1st place, $10,000 scholarship*: The University of California at Berkeley – Kevin Rosenberg, Stella Wan, Jess Chao, Foster Tom and Armin Askari
  • 2nd place, $5000 Scholarship: The University of Chicago – Ilan Wolff, Zihan Tan, Cynthia Huang, Raphael Hallerman and Boris Fang
  • 3rd place, $3000 Scholarship: Georgia Tech Gold – Santhosh Karnik, Shengding Sun, Cyrus Hettle, Zhuangdi Xu and Richard Jeng
  • 4th place, $2000 Scholarship: Northwestern University – Kyle Rockoff, Liwei Zeng, Daniel Weiss and Sarik Goyal

* Scholarships disbursed evenly amongst team members

Friday Open Fun Pairs

  • 1st place, Flight A: Senmiao Sun and Chang Liu from Harvard University
  • 2nd place, Flight A: Aaron Balleisen and Nathan Finkle from Princeton University
  • 1st place, Flight B: Nicholas Adamski and Sarp Kurgan from The University of California at Santa Barbara
  • 1st place, Flight C (second in B): Osmond Wen and Shouzhen Gu from Caltech
  • 2nd place Flight C: Andreea Magalie from Princeton University and Hongmo Li from Georgia Tech

Saturday Pairs Championship

  • 1st place Flight A, $3000 Scholarship*: Kevin Rosenberg and Armin Askari from The University of California at Berkeley
  • 2nd place Flight A, $2000 Scholarship: Oosman Bashir and Jonathan Baumel from Harvard University
  • 3rd place Flight A, $1000 Scholarship: Nathan Finkle and Aaron Balleisen from Princeton University
  • 1st place Flight B, $2000 Scholarship: Santhosh Karnik and Zhuangdi Xu from Georgia Tech
  • 2nd place Flight B, $1000 Scholarship: Sarp Kurgan and Danning Lu from The University of California at Santa Barbara
  • 1st place Flight C, $2000 Scholarship: Alexandra Survey and Zachary Star from The University of Maryland
  • 2nd place Flight C, $1000 Scholarship: Zhongqi Zhao and Zeren Shui from The University of Minnesota

*Scholarships disbursed evenly between partners

Mark your calendars now for next year’s Collegiate Bridge Bowl in Montreal, July 23-25, 2020. Information on how to win a travel package will be coming soon.