Grand National Teams

 Winners and runners-up in all flights of the Grand National Teams

Winners of the Grand National Teams Championship Flight

Championship Flight

The District 7 (Southeast U.S.) team of captain B. Wayne Stuart III, Olin Hubert, Jerry Helms, Samuel Marks, George Woltman and Dwight Meredith won the GNT Championship Flight, 110–106. The score was tied with one board to go and they picked up 4 IMPs. It was the first NABC+ win for all members of the team, making Helms, Hubert and Marks Grand Life Masters.


Second in the Championship Flight, from D9 (Florida): (standing) NPC Joanne Weingold, Jack Weingold, Allison L. Cappelletti, Jeff Meckstroth, Gary Cohler; (seated) Mike Cappelletti and Janice Seamon-Molson


Winners of the Goldman GNT Flight A, from D6 (DC, Maryland, Virginia): Jian-Ping Chen, Shihong You, captain Weizhong Bao and Huailin Chen


Runners-up in the GNT Flight A, D16 (Texas): Ari Sippola, Pawel Hanus, Ying Peng and James Zhan


Winners of the Sheinwold GNT Flight B, from D12 (Michigan): Henry Zhang, captain Yanping Zhang, Ching-Po Wang and Xingyu Zhang


Second in the Sheinwold GNT Flight B, from D22 (Southern California): Yongdong Yang, captain Lei Tsui, Wen Zhou, Enhao Du, Andrew Rowberg and Danning Lu


Winners of the MacNab GNT Flight C, from D7 (Southeast U.S.): Jia Mi, captain Xiaoyuan Niu, Wufeng Luo, Terry Wu and Mingqiang Bao


Second in the MacNab GNT Flight C, from D13 (Wisconsin and Chicago): William Omdahl, captain La Verne Swiggum, David Hill and Terry Burk

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