Generation Z vs. Baby Boomers

Two generations of Columbia bridge players do battle

In the spring of 2019, the Columbia College bridge team, Generation Z (subsequent to millennials) finished second in an online event, qualifying for the 2019 Collegiate Bridge Bowl held at the Summer NABC in Las Vegas. The previous year, Columbia qualified for the same Bridge Bowl event held in Atlanta and finished fourth overall. Each year, the team received expenses from the ACBL. These notable achievements did not escape the notice of Richard Margolis, a Columbia grad and member of the highly successful Columbia College bridge team during the mid 1960s (baby boomers). He notified his teammates, captain John Bromberg, Allan Hillman, and myself – we’re blessedly still intact – and an idea began to percolate. When we attended Columbia, two friendly challenge matches in successive years were arranged between our team (Young Lions) and distinguished alumni, including Sam Fry, Lee Hazen, Richard Kahn – all members of former USA Bermuda Bowl teams – plus NYC experts John Solodar, George Boehm and Roger Stern (Old Lions).

The first year, the Old Lions won comfortably. The second year, the Young Lions, with the addition of Margolis and more seasoning, won narrowly. Both matches received coverage in Alan Truscott’s New York Times bridge column. We thought, “Why not propose a revival of this format to the current Columbia team?”

They jumped at the idea: Sept. 12, on campus in New York City.

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