Episode 4

Hi, my name is John McAllister. I have spent the past six years playing bridge all around the world. My goal is to win a world championship. Doing so requires getting into the minds of the world’s best players. I can not think of a better, more fun way to do so, than to interview great bridge players and share their insights in podcast format.

Episode 4 – Zach Grossack

Zach Grossack can play. He could do so as a fifteen year old star of Double Dummy and now as a twenty year old he is developing into one of the world’s best. He and older brother Adam Grossack form one of the top young partnerships in the world. In this wide ranging conversation, Zach is both insightful and playful, much like he is at the table.

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Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/john-mcallister-221670174/zach-grossack-bridge-star

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