Boston duo wins 0–2500 Pairs

Winners of the 0–2500 Pairs: Vikram Srimurthy and Venky Venkataramani

Vikram Srimurthy and Venky Venkataramani of the Boston area won the 0–2500 Pairs on Friday by a board and a half.

Srimurthy and Venkatramani scored 62.55% and 52.57% in Thursday’s qualifying sessions to start the day in second place with a carryover of 13.39 on an 8 top. They scored 58.85% and 59.03% in the final sessions for a final score of 253.89.

They entered the event as practice for the North American Pairs starting today, where they’ll represent District 25 in Flight B. Venkataramani has previously played in NAP B but it’s Srimurthy’s first time in a limited national event.

“It was good,” Srimurthy said. “I played well, he played very well. Usually I find a way to do foolish things. I didn’t do that today.”

“We tried to just keep our mistakes down,” Venkataramani said. “The field was very comfortable.”

Runners-up in the 0–2500 Pairs: Rolando Grijalva and Don Rogers

Don Rogers and Rolando Grijalva of Reno NV finished second with 240.81 – one spot better than when the event was held for the first time last year.

“We were third last year in Reno,” Rogers said. “Maybe next year in Louisville we’ll be first.”