Play at a Club

Clubs offer social and competitive games, for novice and experienced players.

Play in a Tournament

Sharpen your bridge skills while competing with players at your level. Meet other bridge enthusiasts, make new friends and visit the most interesting places in North America.

Practice & Play Online

Busy schedule? Online Clubs host social game and tournaments that award ACBL masterpoints. Play from anywhere, anytime.

Just Play Bridge

This is a no-frills, infinite stream of bridge hands, scored Total Points style. As South, you are guaranteed to have the most high-card points of all four hands. Bid and play as many hands as you like, at your own pace!
Looking for more serious practice? Create a free account now at BBO to play in social tables or challenge other players in duplicate tournaments.


(No bidding required)

Select the trump suit, predict the number of tricks you can take and practice playing the hand. From BBO‘s Learn and Play bridge.

Just Declare

(No bidding required)

Need more play practice? This game sets a contract and invites you to play it. No bidding required, and you are always the declarer. From BBO‘s Learn and Play bridge.

Bridge Master

(No bidding required)

Bridge Master is a series of instructional deals designed to improve your declarer play. These carefully constructed exercises are designed to illustrate important declarer techniques; if you take the correct line of play, you make the contract. Otherwise, the program will defeat it. A “Show solution” button is available to explain the correct line of play.


Want to Learn Faster?

Personal instruction is a great way to learn and meet other bridge players.