Black Point Online Games on Bridge Base Online

In these unusual times, ACBL has partnered with Bridge Base Online (BBO) and The Common Game to bring members a way to play and earn black, silver, red and gold masterpoints while sheltering at home.

Events use matchpoint scoring, and masterpoints earned in these games will count toward annual races.

Remember, as in any bridge game, cheating online is prohibited. See FAQ below for additional information.

Daily Online Events

Two kinds of events are held every day on BBO – Support Your Club Games and Daylong Tournaments.

Support Your Club Games: These pair events are held on BBO three times a day (10 a.m., 5:10 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Eastern time), and the majority of the game fees will be given to your local club to help during this difficult time. The games award black points, and your partner may be any other ACBL member with a BBO account. Registration opens two hours before each game time.

Daylong Tournaments: A solo event, this kind of event is played with BBO’s robots. You have up to 24 hours to complete your game, and it doesn’t have to played all at once. You can even pause in the middle of a hand. Register anytime, and you’ll have until midnight Easter time to finish the 18 boards.

Virtual Clubs

Visit your local club from home with a game in a Virtual Club on BBO. These games are the same as the regular club games held at the club, and they are similar to the Support Your Club Games (just at your club’s typical game time). If your usual club is not yet a Virtual Club, have them contact for more information.

Special Online Events

Periodically, ACBL will hold events and tournaments on BBO that award silver, red or gold masterpoints. New events will be announced on the ACBL site, on this page and via email. Please visit to be sure you are receiving ACBL’s emails.

Online Bridge Event FAQ

Support Your Club Pair Games and Daylong Tournaments cost BB$6 (Bridge Base bucks) per player. Entries for Virtual Club games vary, as do larger tournament events.
You must first purchase BB$ (with credit card or PayPal) from BBO, and then when you register, the money will be deducted from your BBO account. Check out BBO’s instructions online:
BB$ is the payment method on Bridge Base Online. BB$1 (one dollar in Bridge Base bucks) is the equivalent of US$1 (one U.S. dollar).
For the Club Support Your Club and Daylong Tournament games, $4 out of every $6 entry fee will be distributed to the clubs.
Log into BBO and click on ACBL World. Search for your desired game: Support Your Club ACBL Black Points Game, Support Your Club ACBL Daylong or the newest special tournament. Please see BBO’s online. Please see BBO’s online guide for specific instructions on locating the specially designated game.
Registration for all pair events starts two hours before the game begins. For example, 3:10 p.m. Eastern time is when registration would open for a 5:10 p.m. Eastern event.

Support Your Club games start at 10 a.m., 5:10 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Eastern time. See for special tournament schedules.

Register any time after midnight Eastern. You have up to 24 hours to complete your game, and it doesn’t have to be played all at once. You can even pause in the middle of a hand.
Play a few of the 18 total boards in the morning, some more after lunch and the rest in the evening. Or play them all in one sitting! Register anytime, and you’ll have until midnight Eastern time to finish the boards.

Sometimes BBO experiences network errors, this guide will explain what to do if you experience any issues.

This guide explains the different formats available for daylong games.

You need to make sure that your ACBL number is on file with BBO. Go to “ACBL World” and then click on “Update your ACBL Number”. As long as your ACBL number is there, you will be credited with all of the masterpoints you earn on BBO. If your number is not on file, you’ll be able to add it from that screen.

You may not direct the payment of your entry fee to a specific club at this time. This is a complex task to begin with and trying to accommodate requests like this would add a level of complexity that is simply not practical.
Yes, BBO’s software automatically creates multiple sections and divides the players into three strats (A, B & C). The strats will automatically adjusted based upon the players in the field – the top 1/3 will be A, the next 1/3 will be B and the bottom 1/3 will be C.
For the Support Your Club Games and Daylong Tournaments, you do not need anything other than encourage your players to play in this game should you choose to. To sign up to be a Virtual Club on BBO, complete this form.
For the Pair games, the awards are the same as an open club game and there will be overall awards as well as section awards. The maximum you can win in any single game is 4.00 masterpoints. For the Daylong, the maximum is 2.50. Masterpoint awards for online regionally related events are equal to 80% of awards given at typical regional tournaments. However, due to the much larger size of fields, these tournaments will usually end up paying higher awards.
Yes!! Normally masterpoints won online do not count for either of these races but, in these “unusual” times, we are making an exception.
Find helpful tips on playing with the BBO ‘bots here

As in any bridge game, cheating in online bridge is prohibited. Do not share any private information about your hand with your partner or anyone else. Discussion via phone, video, in person or any other means is not allowed.

When you play on BBO, every call and every play are recorded. If you cheat online, you will get caught! In addition to player reports by Bridge Base Online, there are automatic surveillance tools to alert the game operators of potential cheating. If a player is found to be cheating in an ACBL-sanctioned game, the club will bar that player from BBO. In addition, the player may be subject to discipline under the ACBL Code of Disciplinary Regulations. Both ACBL and BBO are doing everything possible to maintain the integrity of these online games so that honest players can be confident of a fair contest.

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