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Club Manager Zoom Repository

Meeting Schedule
Club Manager Meetings perpetual link: https://acbl-org.zoom.us/j/88025542687?pwd=d1JCYTJycDBPR0lpdHdmNDRzYzJ1dz09

Upcoming Meetings (tentative)


  • December 12

  • January 9
  • February 13
  • April 3
  • May 8
  • June 19
  • August 7
  • September 11
  • October 9
  • November 13

Resources and Notes
Face-to-Face Clubs
  • In person special events Club reference (with costs)
  • Two more “Back to the Club” weeks are scheduled for 2022. All games can be run as Upgraded Club Championships from November 7 through November 20. Please remember to set all your games those two weeks to the Upgraded Club Championship rating.
  • GNT qualifying at the clubs started September 1, and runs through February 28. Please see these important points:
    • GNTs will award 50/50 red/black, 81.8% sectional-rated masterpoints. An invitational game will award only black points, at reduced ratings; (see the ACBL Conditions of Contest).
    • Each District also has its own GNT Conditions of Contest, so please ensure you’re following your District’s Conditions.
    • The ACBL sanction fees for these games will be $2.25 per table. Check with your District; they may add a surcharge for GNT games run by clubs.
  • Remember that face-to-face clubs may offer one Club Championship game per sanctioned session per calendar quarter, on top of the extra 8 weeks each club has been allotted for 2022.
  • This fall marks the second Royal STaC! Your players will be able to earn 25% gold, 25% silver, 25% red, and 25% black during this event. The Districts are scheduling these STaC weeks, so check with your District for the dates.
Virtual Clubs
Also see https://www.acbl.org/club-corner/#virtual

  • Link to online special events for
  • The Virtual Clubs Visitor Policy is no longer being applied to any club that holds fewer than 50 tables in a week. As an aside, we also do not apply the Policy to Newcomer games (0-20). Thank you for your hard work in growing the passion for this great game in those players!


  • To seat a robot, simply click on the seat and choose Substitute. On the line, type the word robot.
  • You may seat a “tempbot” at the beginning of the game, allowing yourself time to get a sub. It will “stand up and wait” when the first board is over, and you can then seat your sub. (On the sub-select screen, type tempbot instead of typing robot.)
  • +hd+ Use this game hack and you will force the human partner of a robot to declare. The system will move the human to the robot seat if robot wins the contract, and will return the human to their own seat after the hand is completed. (This mimics the way that the BBO robot tournaments work.) This will also apply to any robots that you seat once the game begins, so long as the robot is seated before the auction ends. NOTE: this will also work with Tempbots.
  • You may seat a sub to replace a robot AT ANY TIME, even in the middle of a hand, and even if the robot is declaring. (Not sure why we’d wish to put a new human in a seat in the middle of hand, when they can’t see what has thus far been played, but it is possible.)
  • if the robot you are trying to replace is one that the player paid for at registration, you will be unable to sub this robot at all.
  • if you pay for a robot partner, it’s a “smart robot.” If you seat a robot in place of a sit-out, that robot is a “basic robot.”
  • Forum discussion about basic vs advanced robots: (Thanks, TDDon)
  • Robot 2/1 systems are described here.

About Saved Deals

Meeting Recordings and Files
November 14, 2022

Discussion items/Handouts: Audio and video begins at :47.

Audio Only Chat File
October 10, 2022

Discussion items/Handouts: Audio and video begins at 4:28.

Audio Only Chat File
September 12, 2022

Discussion items/Handouts:

Audio Only Chat File
July 11, 2022

Discussion items/Handouts:

Audio Only Chat File
June 13, 2022

Discussion items/Handouts:

Audio Only Chat File
May 9, 2022

Discussion items/Handouts: Face-to-Face Clubs: Special Games at Clubs chart

Virtual Clubs: Online Event Schedule

Audio Only Chat File
April 11, 2022

Discussion items/Handouts: A.J. Stephani, District 11 Board member, and member of the ACBL Board of Directors, joined us to introduce EDGAR, a mechanism in the works that will help identify cheating at the virtual bridge table. Please see this link for more in-depth information and discussion: https://bridgewinners.com/article/view/introducing-edgar/. A.J. invites us to email him with questions or comments:

Audio Only Chat File
March 22, 2022

Discussion items/Handouts:The ACBL is deeply disturbed by the crisis in Ukraine, and we are aiming to contribute to charities working on the ground. We hope you will join us in raising funds for humanitarian relief efforts through the special Ukraine Charity Games Event, taking place March 28-31, 2022.

Audio Only Chat File
February 24, 2022

Discussion items/Handouts: If you experience trouble connecting to MyACBL or to Live for Clubs, please clear all cookies. You could also try using a browser that you seldom use, or try the incognito mode. Whenever ACBL deploys new code, this step must be taken. We will get this fixed, but until that time, please try these workarounds

Audio Only Chat File
February 7, 2022

Discussion items/Handouts: Tempbot can be seated at start if desired

Audio Only Chat File
Jan. 27, 2022

Discussion items/Handouts: Swiss Teams stratifying on BBO fixed (L4C shows all as “A”)

Audio Only Chat File
January 10, 2022

Discussion items/Handouts: Replacing a player forces a logout (in case they’re stuck).

Audio Only Chat File
December 13, 2021

Discussion items/Handouts: As of 11/18/21, 4 free visitors per game

Audio Only Chat File
November 18, 2021

Discussion items/Handouts: As of 11/05/21, partners of members no longer visitors.

Audio Only Chat File
November 1, 2021

Discussion items/Handouts: How to download your include list

Audio Only Chat File
October 21, 2021

Discussion items/Handouts: Undos are now enabled for VACB. Use at your discretion.

Chat File
October 4, 2021

Discussion items/Handouts: Send hack adjustments/omissions to VACB@acbl.org

Audio Only Chat File
September 13, 2021

Discussion items/Handouts: Face-to-face players eligible for Include Lists. We will add.

Chat File
August 2, 2021

Discussion items/Handouts: StaC games returning

June 7, 2021

Discussion items/Handouts: Slide Presentation Introducing various changes