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St. Louis is rockiní the entertainment!
After the evening session at the Renaissance in Landmark 1 - 3

2013 Spring NABC Opening Reception with Blue 66! Rock, dance and sing along on Friday, March 15th.

Get your rhythm going listening to Blue 66 play Clapton, ZZ Top, Cream, the Allman Brothers Band, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Albert King, and Robert Johnson and much more!

Get ready to rock, bop and be-bop with Pennsylvania Slim on March 16th, 21st and 22nd.

Pennsylvania Slim and his Band have been performing Blues, R&B, Soul, Jump Swing and 50ís Rock-n-Roll from the 40ís, 50ís and 60ís for over 15 years.

Donít miss the sounds of Friendly Henryís on March 17th, 20th and 23rd.

Enjoy the bluegrass, folk and a little country to keep your toes tapping.

Erin Bode creates music forged from Midwestern roots, infused with jazz grooves and made magic by Bode's bell-like voice. She has a crystal clear voice that is too exquisite to miss. Make plans now to see her onMarch 18th and 19th.