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Special Player Entertainment

Saturday March 13, 10:00 AM – BREAKFAST WITH THE STARS - Tickets $20.00

Rose Meltzer's ever popular Breakfast with the Stars is coming to Reno!

You can chat with a pair of World Champions at an intimate table of 10 while enjoying a wonderful hot breakfast buffet. The breakfast will be from 10 am until noon on the first Saturday, March 13th at the Grand Sierra. Buy early and you can reserve your Star Table.

The Stars include: Chip & Jan Martel, Lew & JoAnna Stansby, David & Lisa Berkowitz, Mike & Nancy Passell, Alan Sontag & Shannon Cappelliti, Kyle Larsen & Rose, Marc Jacobus & Tobi Sokolow and Zia & Janice Molson! Tickets are only $20.00 each and all proceeds go to the hospitality at the Reno NABC. Tickets will be on sale in Reno or to pre-purchase, and guarantee your spot, please contact Marilyn Vilhauer at

Sunday March 14, 6:30 PM – SECRETS OF AN "OLD" SHOW GIRL – Free! A humorous look at the life of an MGM Showgirl.

Secrets of an ‘Old’ Showgirl TM

Secrets of an 'Old' Showgirl, featuring Karen Burns, is a unique, creative, and innovative show. In this clever behind-the-scenes look at the world of show business, the audience receives a rare and personal glimpse into the world of entertainment.

The show’s format revolves around Karen transforming herself from wearing bunny slippers, a feathered trimmed robe and an outrageous two-foot pink curler headpiece into a glamorous showgirl with the trademark false eyelashes plus a gorgeous feathered and rhinestone costume.

During the entire transformation, Karen speaks in a humorous and fast-paced style about her lively life experiences as a ski instructor, college graduate, high school teacher, the real girl in an all-male female impersonator show, dancing in the world-famous MGM Hello, Hollywood, Hello show, plus being a business entrepreneur, wife and mother.

With Costume Modeling of the World Famous MGM Wardrobe

One performer models phenomenal MGM costumes. As the performer enters, Karen describes the costume as to costume construction, materials, cost, and how the costume was used on stage offering an up-close view rarely given to an audience. The costumes are part of Karen Burns Production’s 3 million dollar collection of MGM's Hello, Hollywood, Hello wardrobe. These costumes were so highly regarded, that for the first time ever the Costume Society of America focused an entire study on them; an honor usually reserved for a museum collection.

Tuesday March 16, 10:30 PM – SINGER CHRIS COSTA – Free!

The Man of a Thousand Songs.. Dance to music from the 50's to the present top twenty. Enjoy free beer and a cash bar



Enter our St Patrick's Day bridge-related limerick contest at the Spring NABC's in Reno. Winners will be announced and prizes awarded, following the evening session on March 17. Early entries are welcome and encouraged. Please e-mail your limerick to and put “Limerick” in the subject line. You can also drop off your entry at the Hospitality Desk.

A limerick is a humorous verse of five anapestic (whatever that means) lines in which the first and second lines rhyme with the fifth – and the third line rhymes with the fourth. This is a family event, so discretion is advised. Here are a couple of samples:

A lady bridge player of no fame
Said, “I’m getting discouraged with my game.
It would help my belief
If that Omar Sharif
From Egypt, my partner to be, came.”

There was a young squirt named Boyd
Who loved to psyche on a void
When his psyche went beserk,
Said, partner, “You’re a jerk!”
But opponents were both overjoyed.

Friday, March 19, 10:30 PM – 50’s SOCK HOP AND FREE BEER! (Cash Bar)