Special events mean more masterpoints and more fun. Be sure to schedule as many as you can for your players. We have added a number of resources to help you register for the games.

2016-2017 Events Schedule

Online Registration

Register your club for any of these ACBL-wide games: International Fund, Senior Game, Worldwide Bridge Contest, Charity Fund, Instant Matchpoint Game and Canada-wide Olympiad Fund.

Information for Club Managers

View instructions on how to run each special event, including any restrictions or additional sanction fees and contact information.

Receive Hands Electronically

You may request electronic files for hands played in ACBL-wide special events to be used with your automatic duplicating machines. Contact Special Events. For Charity Games, contact the Charity Foundation.

Conditions of Contest

Where General Conditions of Contest do not apply, special links are available in Information for Club Managers.


Always use the latest version of ACBLscore. If you have version 7.28 or higher, your monthly report will include fees due for all special games run at your club. If your version is less than 7.28, a report form will be produced when you DBADD the game.