ACBL Binding Arbitration Agreement

Any dispute which is in any way related to membership in the American Contract Bridge League (“ACBL”), or any action for damages or injunctive relief against the ACBL, or any action to reverse, amend, modify or delay enforcement of a disciplinary action by the ACBL, regardless of the facts or the legal theories which may be involved, shall be resolved by binding arbitration before the American Arbitration Association (“AAA”) by a single arbitrator in accordance with the Commercial rules of AAA in effect at the time the arbitration proceeding is initiated.

The arbitration hearing shall be held in the AAA’s Southeast Case Management Center (located at 2200 Century Parkway, Suite 300, Atlanta, Georgia 30345) or at such other location as the parties may agree in writing. The arbitrator shall prepare in writing an award which includes the legal and factual reasons for the decision. The parties shall divide equally the costs of the arbitration and shall pay their respective attorney fees and expenses, but the arbitrator may assess all such costs and the prevailing party’s attorney fees and expenses to the non-prevailing party in the arbitration award. The provisions of the Federal Arbitration Act shall apply to arbitration between the ACBL and its members.