You can find your very own treasure chest of gold when you play for gold points in a Regional at Sea.

These bridge cruises feature loads of games and chances for gold points, daily lectures, Q&A sessions and more aboard magnificent ships. Hosts are well-versed professionals and entertaining presenters, like Larry Cohen, Robert Todd and Barbara Seagram.

When you’re away from the bridge table, explore exciting ports around the world and make new friends as you meet other players. You can choose from a wide variety of itineraries and destinations.

The Board has approved up to eight Regionals at Sea each year, so players will soon have more opportunities than ever. Check out the list of upcoming Regionals. For more information, visit Alice Travel.

Upcoming Regionals at Sea

Date Departs From Tournament flier
December 2-9, 2018 Galveston TX Info
March 3-10, 2019 Miami Info
March 17-24, 2019 Galveston Info
Nov. 5-24, 2019 Barcelona Info
Nov. 16-23, 2019 Miami Info
Dec. 6-22 2019 Ft. Lauderdale Info