Want to visit a new club? Are you traveling or new to an area? Need some gold masterpoints but your partner isn’t available for the tournament? Use the ACBL Partnership Desk and never miss a game again!

This member benefit connects players for club, tournament and online play. Log into MyACBL to post requests and search for partners. Profiles already contain the member’s rank and masterpoints with options to add a profile picture, preferred systems and more.

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For step-by-step detailed instructions on how to use the Partnership Desk click here.

1. Create a detailed Profile

Your profile is what people see when they are looking for a partner. Make it as informative as possible. By sharing more information, you increase the chance of finding a compatible partnership.

2. Search for Partners

After creating your profile, you can search for partners in three ways:

  • Sanctioned Clubs
  • Tournaments
  • Online Clubs

3. Tell the world you need a Partner

This is the key to a successful partnership desk. You must add yourself to the list, telling people you are in need of a partner. You can do this at two levels:

Global Level
If you are looking for a partner for a specific tournament or club, but have not decided on an event, you would add your request to just the club or the tournament. When you do this you may want to add more notes to your partnership request to tell others what you are looking for.

Event Level
When you find a club or tournament and know what specific events you need a partner for, put your partnership request on that specific event. This tells people you are looking only for partners for this event. You can put requests on multiple events for both clubs and tournaments.

When you’ve found your partner, to remove your request, click the same box you clicked to add your request. The check box next to “Add me to partner searches for this tournament” will disappear and you will get a message that says, “Your request has been removed!” will appear
4. Reach out to each other

This partnership desk has a built-in message system where you can exchange messages with other players before deciding to share your contact information and taking the partnership conversation offline. Look for the email symbol next to a profile or partner request, for the ability to send a message to others.

You can see the profiles of everyone who has created partnership requests. Click on their user name to see their profile and determine who might be a good partner for you.

The partnership desk message system provides three ways for everyone to get their messages. They can be forwarded to your email, sent to you as a text, and through the partnership desk system. The partnership desk messaging system is a quick and secure way to make your initial connection with others looking for partners.


If you have questions or need help please contact partnership@acbl.org.


Features of the ACBL Partnership Desk

  • For active ACBL Members only
  • Easily accessible from your MyACBL portal
  • Current Member information is shared for everyone including:
    • Date the player joined the ACBL
    • Total masterpoints
    • Masterpoints by color
    • Eligibility points
    • Current rank
    • Blue Ribbon Qualifications
  • Optional information may be added by the player including:
    • A screen name to use in the partnership desk system
    • Preferred bidding system
    • Favorite bridge website
    • Favorite online sites
    • Convention Cards
    • Photo
    • Personal bio
  • Available for use by active clubs, tournaments and online clubs
  • Partnership requests can be made at the club/tournament level or for specific events
  • Find a Club and Find a Tournament searches are built in
  • Webmasters can create links to specific clubs and tournaments
  • Members can view all requests made by other members
  • Members can view profile information for those who have made requests
  • Partnership message system
  • Messages can be received by email, text or through the partnership message system
  • Partnership requests automatically expire after an event or a specified number of days
  • The system is mobile friendly so you can search for partners on any device, at any time

Start your search now!