Welcome to the Field Operations Information page. This page will give you information on how to contact ACBL’s Area Managers and the structure of our Field Operations team.

The essence of the Field Operations structure is the ability for TDs to see and work with their direct reports. This structure provides opportunities for direct mentoring and development of new TDs as well as exposure to the skills and knowledge of senior staff.

Field Operations


Name Title email Area
Nancy Boyd Assistant Director of Field Ops nancy.boyd@acbl.org
Sol Weinstein Field Ops Manager sol.weinstein@acbl.org
Brian Weikle Bridge Ops Manager brian.weikle@acbl.org
Guy Fauteux Area Manager guy.fauteux@acbl.org A, B, C
Arleen Harvey Area Manager arleen.harvey@acbl.org D & I
Peter Wilke Area Manager peter.wilke@acbl.org E
Kenneth Van Cleve Area Manager ken.vancleve@acbl.org G
Marilyn Wells Area Manager marilyn.wells@acbl.org H
Charles MacCraken Area Manager charles.maccracken@acbl.org J
Harry Falk Area Manager harry.falk@acbl.org K & L