September 15-18

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Fall into Bridge and Harvest Gold Points

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Ah, fall! Time for sweater weather and pumpkin spice, touchdowns and haunted houses.

From September 15-18 (Thurs.-Sun.), you can harvest gold masterpoints and play in Fall into Bridge, an online regionally rated event. It’s four days of two-session and single-session events offering gold and red points – something for players of all experience levels. All games will be held on Bridge Base Online.

Interested in learning from bridge celebrities during the event? Check out the mini lessons topics from renowned teachers and players below. Videos will be available on the first day of the tournament.

Let’s put off raking the leaves and rake up some gold points instead!

Daily Bulletins

Celebrity Speaker Mini-Lessons

Patty Tucker – What do you know?

Lecture Notes

Michael Berkowitz – Picturing the Hidden Hands

GS Jade Barrett – What Does That Card Mean?

Adam Parrish – When to Draw Trumps

Donna Compton – The Clue is in the Bidding