Never Give Up

ACBL raises $828,000 for The Longest Day

When the coronavirus pandemic brought the world to a halt, staff at the Alzheimer’s Association feared the worst: None of their planned fundraisers would go on as scheduled, and an entire year would be lost. No progress would be made toward finding a cure. Resources to support caregivers would be stretched thin. The organization would have to spend 2021 trying to make up lost ground in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease.

But bridge players didn’t let that happen. Just as bridge clubs moved their operations online, so did their fundraising activities. ACBL members rallied around The Longest Day, raising more than $828,000. While the amount fell short of the $1 million goal that has been exceeded each of the past three years, it was more than any of the first four years of the ACBL’s partnership with the Alzheimer’s Association, and much more than anyone expected under the circumstances. It brought the ACBL’s eight-year total to $6.9 million.

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