These rules apply to you if you joined the ACBL prior to January 1, 2010, and maintained continuous membership after that date. If you allowed your membership to lapse and have been reinstated prior to July 1, 2018, special rules apply (see Appendix 1-C)

To achieve a specific rank, all requirements in the right column must be true.

Title Masterpoints Required *
Rookie Fewer than 5
Junior Master 5
Club Master 20
Sectional Master 50
At least 5 are silver
Regional Master 100
At least 15 are silver
At least 5 are red/gold/platinum
NABC Master 200
At least 25 are silver
At least 20 are red/gold/platinum, of which 5 or more are gold/platinum
Life Master 300
At least 50 black
At least 50 are silver
At least 50 are red/gold/platinum, of which 25 or more are gold/platinum
Bronze Life Master A Life Master with 500 *
Silver Life Master A Life Master with 1000 *
At least 200 are silver/red/gold/platinum
Ruby Life Master A Life Master with 1500 *
At least 300 are silver/red/gold/platinum
Gold Life Master A Life Master with 2500 *
At least 500 are silver/red/gold/platinum
Sapphire Life Master A Life Master with 3500 *
At least 700 are silver/red/gold/platinum, of which 350 or more are gold/platinum
Diamond Life Master A Life Master with 5000 *
At least 1000 are silver/red/gold/platinum, of which 500 or more are gold/platinum
Emerald Life Master A Life Master with 7500 *
At least 1500 are silver/red/gold/platinum, of which 750 or more are gold/platinum
Platinum Life Master A Life Master with 10000 *
At least 2000 are silver/red/gold/platinum, of which 1000 or more are gold/platinum and at least 100 are platinum
Grand Life Master A Platinum Life Master with a victory in an eligible event **

* A Member who became a Life Master prior to January 1, 1990, will be exempt from the pigmented point requirements for this rank. Each player who has attained the rank of Life Master as of December 31, 2011, will not have to fulfill the pigmented point requirements for their next rank advancement. After attaining their first rank after January 1, 2012, all players will be required to fulfill the pigmented point requirements for subsequent rank advancement (this also applies to the new ranks added in 2015). For example, a current Silver Life Master on December 31, 2011, would retain the current requirements for Gold Life Master, would not have any pigmented requirements for Ruby Life Master, but would need to fulfill the new requirements for Sapphire and Diamond Life Master.

** This is the highest rank in the ACBL. It requires 10,000 Masterpoints and one victory in a North American Bridge Championship (excluding the Super Senior Pairs, the Wagar Women’s KO won after 2013 and the Machlin Women’s Swiss Teams won after 2013) with no upper Masterpoint restriction or an Open Team Trials (includes CNTC) or its equivalent or a Women’s Team Trials (includes CWTC) or its equivalent or any of the following WBF events: Bermuda Bowl, Venice Cup, Rosenblum Cup, McConnell Cup, Open Pairs, Women’s Pairs, Olympiad, Women’s Team Olympiad, WBF Senior Pairs event, WBF World Swiss Teams, WBF World Mixed Teams, and WBF Senior Teams.

Any new Member or player in an unpaid status for six months or more after January 1, 1999, will be required to earn 50 black points to become a Life Master.

A Member who had red masterpoints or a fraction thereof prior to January 1, 1969, is required to possess at least 50 red or gold/platinum masterpoints in any combination to become a Life Master.