How do I view my masterpoints?

To see your current masterpoint balance, go to the MyACBL portal. For a detailed statement, check your Masterpoint History

How do I view my game results?

  • NABCs, Regional and Sectional tournaments publish their results in ACBL LIVE
  • STaC (Sectional Tournament at Clubs) results can be accessed at the Find a STaC page
  • For club results, please ask your club’s manager or director.

How often are masterpoints credited to my record?

Results are posted as they are received here at ACBL headquarters. This means that tournaments are normally posted on the Monday or Tuesday following the tournament and will show up on your record the day after they are posted. Clubs report on a monthly basis — reports are due to ACBL Headquarters by the 10th of the following month.

When do rank changes occur? I know I have made the grade but my record doesn’t show the change.

On the evening of the sixth of each month, we run the “masterpoint computer cycle.” It is at this time that masterpoints earned in the previous month are accrued and ranks change if masterpoint rank requirements are met.

I am a new member. Can I receive credit for the points I won before joining the ACBL?

New members can accrue up to 20 Masterpoints earned prior to joining the ACBL. Please ask your club to send the attendance records to ACBL (Instructions for Club Managers/Directors).

What are the “ribbon events”?

These are three ACBL events held at the North American Bridge Championships. These events require pre-qualification, usually referred to as a “ribbon qualification” (read more on Ribbon Event Eligibility)

Red Ribbon Pairs

The Red Ribbon Pairs is an ACBL event with national rating held at the Summer NABC. It is limited to players with no more than 2500 points who have qualified by placing first or second in regional-rated, two-session championship events where the upper masterpoint limit is no more than 1500 masterpoints.

Silver Ribbon Pairs

The Silver Ribbon Pairs is an ACBL national-rated event for players 60 years of age or older held at the Spring NABC. Players earn qualification by placing first or second in a regional-rated, two-session championship Senior event. (Blue and Red Ribbon qualifications also may be used to enter this event.)

Blue Ribbon Pairs

One of the most prestigious annual NABC events, the Blue Ribbon Pairs is contested at the Fall NABC. The most common methods of achieving qualification are:

  • Finish high in North American Championship events or first or second in regional-rated championship events that consist of at least two sessions.
  • Be one of the top 100 masterpoints holders.
  • Be a member of current official teams representing ACBL member countries in international competition.
  • Be a winner of one of the district Grand National Teams championships.

Additional ACBL Masterpoints information.