Up to US$30 for each new member

ACBL recruiters keep bridge thriving, and we want to show our appreciation. With our new Recruitment Incentives, we’ll award up to US$30 for each new member a registered recruiter brings to the ACBL!

Bigger bonuses paid more quickly

Under this new reward initiative, recruiters receive a US$10 bonus for each new ACBL member*, plus US$10 more when the member renews after the first year, and another US$10 if the member renews a second time. (Accordingly, a new three-year membership pays a one-time US$30 bonus.)

At least twice a year, we’ll issue a check for the recruitment incentives balance.

* Incentives are not available for recruiting junior (under 26) or temporary members.

Who are our Recruiters

Teachers, Club Managers and active Club Directors are automatically registered as recruiters. In order to have the monetary incentives credited to their account, recruiters need to ensure that their member number is entered in the New Member Application form (either online or printed forms).

We depend on our recruiters to promote bridge at the local level as we work to serve all members. Together we can ensure a bright future for the game.

Joseph Jones, ACBL Executive Director

ACBL’s previous incentives will be gradually phased out (check the FAQ, question 4), so ACBL recruiters will be eligible to receive both incentive rewards for a certain period! Note that the upgraded club championship game awarded to recruiting clubs for every 10 new members is still available.

Check the FAQ for more information:

Questions or suggestions? Please contact us at recruiter@acbl.org.