Contact your members and promote your unit and district events! ACBL’s Email Services helps units and districts reach their members with Marketing Solutions, powered by Pianola. To create an account, send a request to Accounts are limited to unit/district officers and tournament chairs.

Click on the logo above to login.

Sending Email Notices

In just a few steps, you can pick out an email design, choose your target audience and send the email.

Here are some of the tool’s features:

  • Unique email designs for unit and district messages
  • Dedicated contact lists for your unit or district (separate subscription settings from ACBL, see below)
  • Including attachments to emails
  • Sending follow-up emails about events
  • Segmenting audiences by masterpoints or rank

Ready to start reaching your members?

Send a request to You’ll receive an invitation to create a username and password for your own Marketing Solutions account. For guidance, check the user guide.

Need help using Marketing Solutions?

We have partnered with Baron Barclay for tech support. Simply contact Mary at 1-800-274-2221 or

We also have a helpful “Pianola 101” webinar that takes you through every step.

What to know about unsubscribes

Each unit and district is categorized as a “sender,” and each sender has its own contact list. Members can choose to receive or unsubscribe from emails sent by any unit or district. This setting only applies to that particular unit or district.

Unsubscribing from a unit, district or ACBL means the member will not receive any further emails from that entity.

Additional Information

All emails must have a “reply-to” email address to be used for replies to the email. Units and districts have a default reply-to address that can be changed at any time. Users also have their email address available as options. To add or change reply-to addresses, contact Email Services.

If you are unable to use the Marketing Solutions (Pianola) tool, you may continue to contact Email Services. for assistance in sending a tournament notice to members in your area. Emails will not be sent without a request. Requests should be sent at least six weeks ahead of time for processing. ACBL cannot guarantee timely delivery of any emails submitted after this deadline. Only one email per tournament will be sent by ACBL. Sectional tournament emails will be sent to members in a 200-mile radius, and regional tournament emails will be sent to members in a 500-mile radius. Tournament fliers will be attached to the email, and tournament chairs will be used as reply-to addresses unless otherwise requested.