You do the advertising. We’ll help pay!

The Cooperative Advertising Program (CAP) reimburses ACBL teachers, clubs, units and districts for advertising expenses for programs and lessons designed for newcomers and/or to recruit ACBL members. ACBL CAP-approved logos can be found here and sample ad templates here for a professional look.

CAP will refund 50% of eligible advertising costs with a maximum reimbursement of $500. Qualifying advertisements are Date-Specific Ad Campaigns* for beginner bridge lessons, newcomer programs, social bridge recruitment events and ACBL member recruitment.

ACBL reserves the right to refuse reimbursement for any reason for CAP submissions.

Submissions by a person who has any ownership, management or conflict of interest in the media outlet in which they are advertising (e.g. personal websites, online and print publications) will not be approved for CAP reimbursement.

* A Date-Specific Ad Campaign means that there must be a start date within the ad, lesson, social recruiting event or other announcement. (Example of start date can be – “Beginning May 2021”, “Beginning May 1-15, 2021”, “May – September 2021” or “Year of 2021”)

CAP Guidelines & Requirements


  1. The advertisement must be for date-specific newcomer programs, beginner bridge lessons, social bridge recruitment events or ACBL membership recruitment.
  2. All advertisements must contain the full CAP approved logo located here. No exceptions. We encourage but do not require you to use the advertising templates.
  3. Reimbursements are made on a per Date-Specific Ad Campaign basis. A “Date-Specific Ad Campaign” for purposes of this program is defined as follows:A planned program that uses an advertising message (or a combination of multiple advertisements, commercials, and related promotional materials and activities) that may or may not be communicated across multiple media channels (newspaper, radio, TV, etc.) and are designed to be used during the same period of time as part of a coordinated advertising plan to meet a specified objective.
  4. The cost of a Date-Specific Ad Campaign is defined as being the total advertisement placement costs for all mediums used (radio, newspaper, fliers, etc.) for a specifically dated set of beginning bridge lessons, or specifically dated newcomer program, social bridge recruitment event or a specifically dated ACBL membership recruitment drive. The maximum dollar amount you would be reimbursed is $500. Reimbursements will be in US Dollars.An example of ONE (1) Date-Specific Ad Campaign would be:
    Planned Program: Beginning Bridge Lessons
    Period of time: May 1, 2021
    Media Channels: Newspaper ads, Radio Spot, Fliers

    Example of how the cost for the above Date-Specific Ad Campaign might be reimbursed:

    Cost of Newspaper ads: $500
    Radio Spot: $500
    Fliers: $200
    Total Cost: $1,200

    The above example would be considered one (1)Date-Specific Ad Campaign using multiple mediums. And the reimbursement would be calculated as follows:

    50% of $1,200 = $600

    Since 50% of the above Date-Specific Ad Campaign cost exceeds the $500 maximum reimbursement allowed, the reimbursement for the above Date-Specific Ad Campaign would be the maximum allowed of $500.

  5. Eligible Media:
    • Newspapers
    • Magazines
    • Direct mail pieces (Excluding Postage)
    • Catalogs
    • Posters/fliers for public distribution
    • Billboards
    • Television
    • Radio
    • Online commercial websites
    • Targeted Facebook ads
  6. Items NOT Eligible for Reimbursement
    • Ads placed in the Bridge Bulletin
    • Calendars
    • Tournament schedules, fliers or emails
    • Email campaigns such as Pianola or Constant Contact
    • Teacher, club, unit or district newsletters or emails
    • Postage
    • Club, unit or district directories
    • Supplies (i.e., labels, envelopes, printer ink cartridges, etc.)
    • Building signage
    • Promotional or specialty items (i.e., pens, pencils, coffee mugs, T-shirts, etc.)
    • Business cards and letterhead
  7. Copies of actual ads, dated receipts and/or detailed paid invoices must be submitted WITHIN 60 days of the date the ad ran. Copies of cancelled checks or credit card statements are not acceptable. Members and clubs must be in good standing in the ACBL to receive reimbursement.
  8. The ACBL staff reserves the right to judge eligibility for reimbursement and may, at their sole discretion, deny reimbursement for any and all submissions that they deem to be ineligible.

How to Submit Requests for Pre-Approval:

  • Submit proposed ad, flier, etc to be pre-approved via email to or fax 662-253-3187 with “Attention: CAP Approval”.
  • You will receive notification that your request has been approved or disapproved via email.
  • Allow five (5) business days for approval/disapproval notification.

How to Submit Reimbursement Documentation:

  • Complete CAP reimbursement form located here.
  • Send a copy of the dated paid invoice(s) and/or receipt(s) along with the following to the ACBL Marketing Department:
  • The advertisement tear sheet(s) for newspaper ads. Do not cut out the ad or make a copy of the ad. We require the entire actual page(s) from the newspaper, magazine or other media containing the ad. PDF versions of tear sheets may be submitted via email.
  • The actual brochure or flier that was printed.
  • A copy of the script for radio (from the station) and a DVD if for television.
  • A copy of the link or insertion order for online commercial websites.
  • Your Name, ACBL member, club, unit or district NUMBER and daytime phone number or email address where you may be contacted and to whom the reimbursement check should be made payable. Remember, the check that is made payable to a club, unit or district will only be mailed to the person who is profiled in the ACBL data base under that club, unit or district -no exceptions.

CAP Request Checklist

Items below not included with request documentation will not be processed:

  • Complete CAP reimbursement form located here.
  • Tear sheets from newspaper or magazine, printed flier or brochure
  • Dated PAID invoice or receipt
  • Written request for CAP reimbursement that includes the Club #, Club name, district #, unit # and contact information

PLEASE NOTE: Ads, invoices and receipts showing a date of more than 60 days old when received in this office will not be accepted by the ACBL Accounting Department for reimbursement. Also, copies of cancelled checks or credit card statements are not acceptable. We require copies of actual dated receipts and/or detailed invoices. Members and clubs must be in good standing in the ACBL to be eligible for reimbursement.

Send the above items to:

Attn: Cooperative Advertising
Marketing Department
6575 Windchase Blvd
Horn Lake, MS 38637

662-253-3187 (fax) with Attn: Cooperative Advertising with Cooperative Advertising in subject line

Allow six to eight weeks to receive your reimbursement from the date your request and all required materials are received in the ACBL office.