ACBL Brand Personality

The American Contract Bridge League is:

  • Educational
  • Fun
  • Supportive
  • Enthusiastic
  • Club-centered
  • Historical

In order to protect our brand and reinforce our brand personality, it is critical that all printed and digital media assets adhere to the ACBL’s Brand Standard and Usage Guide. Through consistent messaging and visual approach, our organization will fortify its position as the champion of the world’s greatest game and add value to our members.

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Logo Usage Guidelines

ACBL approved teachers, clubs and units/districts may use the ACBL approved logos shown below when creating a Bridge related ad or flier not provided in the ACBL Resource Center so long as such use is in compliance with the ACBL’s Brand Standard and Usage Guide. Approved teachers, clubs and units/districts should keep in mind that one of the qualifications for reimbursement through the Cooperative Advertising Program (“CAP”) is the presence of an ACBL-approved logo. For each size, an image is available for use on the web and in print materials. Although we do provide web graphics for your convenience, web advertising is not included in the CAP program at this time. Logos are available via download.  Persons and entities other than ACBL approved teachers, clubs and units/districts are prohibited from using any ACBL trademarks or logos without the express written permission of ACBL.

By using an ACBL logo, you acknowledge and agree that ACBL is the sole owner of the logo and that you will not interfere with or challenge ACBL’s rights in the logo, including but not limited to challenging ACBL’s use, registration or application for registration of such logo, alone or in combination with other words or designs, anywhere in the world, and that you will not harm or tarnish ACBL through your use of such logo. The goodwill derived from the use of any ACBL logo inures exclusively to the benefit of ACBL.  Except for the limited right to use the ACBL logos as expressly permitted here, no other rights of any kind are granted by implication or otherwise. If you have any questions regarding the use of the ACBL logos or the ACBL Brand Standards, please contact ACBL at


Brand Standard
and Usage Guide

Brand Standard and Usage Guide

Style Guide Tricks