Can I watch my child play during the tourney?

Because it can be so distracting to the participants, parents and siblings must refrain from being in the playing room. There is an area outside the playing room where you can wait comfortably. If you play yourself, you might want to watch experts playing in another event. Ask and we’ll point them out for you.

Can I leave the hotel while my child is playing?

Yes, but make sure you leave a contact telephone number with the officials.

If I don’t pre-register, can I still come to play?

Yes, but we must have a completed and signed Parental Consent Form and Liability Waiver. These forms are available at the Youth NABC webpage.

What do I win?

Masterpoints, trophies and fame! There will be trophies for the winners of every session, warm-up games and side games and of course, the national events and Sportsmanship Award.

What about the Scholarships?

A $1000 college scholarship will be awarded to the winner of the Sportsmanship Trophy and to each winner of the Baron Barclay Youth National Pair Event. In addition, we have a $4,000 scholarship for the winners of the Swiss Teams event. Visit our Scholarship Opportunities page for more information.

Am I eligible for the Sportsmanship Award?

Anyone playing in the tournament is eligible. The Sportsmanship award is determined by peer nominations based on fairness, self-control, respect and courtesy. The winner of the Sportsmanship Award will be a person who plays to ensure that everyone enjoys the game and the experience of playing and meeting other students who share a passion for bridge. The winner will be announced at the Winners’ Reception Saturday night.

How many participants are expected?

We usually expect about 250 players. Please pre-register so we can be prepared.

Do I have to have a partner?

No.  There will be a partnership desk at the Youth NABC.