Collegiate Bridge Bowl

The Collegiate Bridge Bowl is a tournament developed for college students to play bridge competitively with an opportunity to claim scholarships from the scholarship pool (disbursed evenly amongst team members).


Place Prize Amount
1st Place $10,000*
2nd Place $5,000*
3rd Place $3,000*
4th Place $2,000*

*Disbursed evenly amongst team members


Place Prize Amount
Open 1st Place $3,000
Open 2nd Place $2,000
Open 3rd Place $1000
99er 1st Place $2000
99er  2nd Place $1000


The Youth NABC is held during the Summer NABC, and is open to all ACBL Youth members (age 20 and under) with fewer than 5000 Masterpoints.

National Youth Swiss Team Scholarship

A $4,000 college scholarship is awarded to the winners of the National Youth Swiss Teams. (Award is divided equally between the team).

Baron Barclay National Youth Open Pairs Scholarship

$2,000 college scholarship provided by Baron Barclay is awarded to the winners of the National Youth Open Pairs. (Award is divided equally between the pair).

$1,000 Master Point Press Youth Sportsmanship Award

A $1,000 college scholarship provided by Master Point Press is awarded to the winner. The Sportsmanship award is determined by peer nominations based on fairness, self-control, respect and courtesy. The winner of the Sportsmanship Award will be a person who plays to ensure that everyone enjoys the game and the experience of playing and meeting other students who share a passion for bridge.

Erin Berry Memorial Fund

The Erin Berry Memorial Fund is administered by the Canadian Bridge Federation for the purpose of helping CBF junior members, up to 19 years of age, with expenses incurred to attend bridge events. Qualified individuals receive a subsidy of up to 75% of their expected expenses for the bridge activity.

Some of the events that might qualify for funding are: the Youth NABC, bridge camps, Canadian Junior Trials, Canadian Bridge Championships,World Youth Open Bridge Championships, World Youth Team Championships, FISU World University Bridge Championships.

King/Queen of Bridge

The King or Queen of Bridge Scholarship is a merit program available to a graduating high school senior that is an ACBL member who plays and promotes bridge. The ACBL Educational Foundation will present scholarships of up to $2000 to the King or Queen of Bridge. Recent winners have been cited for outstanding tournament performances plus administrative, recreational and promotional activities related to bridge.

The Leonard Helman Memorial Youth Scholarship

Rabbi Leonard A. Helman (1926-2013) was a staunch supporter of youth bridge and created endowment funds in Australia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Poland and the United States.

The Leonard Helman Memorial Youth Scholarship is awarded annually in the amount of $400. It is awarded based on the student’s level of financial need as well as the following criteria:

  1. ACBL member in good standing
  2. Graduating high school senior
  3. A resident of Santa Fe, NM. If there are no applicants in Santa Fe, the scholarship will be offered throughout the state of New Mexico. If there are no applicants in New Mexico, the scholarship will be offered throughout District 17 (Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Wyoming, Southern Nevada, Eastern Utah, and West Texas). If there are no applicants in District 17, the scholarship will be offered throughout the United States.

To apply for the Helman scholarship email your qualifications to