Dunitz wins Mitchell BAM

Dunitz did it, wins BAM

Ross Grabel, Mark Itabashi, Iftikhar Baqai and Mitch Dunitz

The team captained by Mitch Dunitz won the Mitchell Board-a-Match Teams after leading the event the entire time. Dunitz, playing with Iftikhar Baqai, Ross Grabel and Mark Itabashi, held off a late surge by the Verbeek squad (Tim Verbeek, Danny Molenaar, Bart Nab, Bob Drijver, Patty Cayne and Dano De Falco), who finished in second by a fraction.

Dunitz scored 17 and 15.5 in the first and second qualifying sessions to qualify in first place with a carryover of 4.20. They scored 16.5 in the first final and 14 in the second final session.

The Verbeek team qualified in a three-way tie for third place with a carryover of 3.64. Their first and second final session scores were 13.5. and 17.5.

Runners-up in the Mitchell Board-a-Match Teams (from left): Danny Molenaar, Tim Verbeek, Bart Nab and Bob Drijver (not pictured Patty Cayne and Dano De Falco)

It’s the second NABC+ win for Dunitz and Baqai, frequent partners who won the Grand National Teams Championship Flight in 2001. Itabashi and Grabel both have several titles.