This tournament has gotten a tremendous buzz!

How terrific to have more Gold points available to the players. It’s fun for several reasons

The club—Honors—has been terrific encouraging everyone to participate. They have done their best to accommodate everyone—whether in the tournament or not. New faces have arrived to play. You really don’t know who’s going for the Gold or not but you feel the spirit in the room. The game level seems higher because of the goal. The comfort of playing in your own backyard. If you don’t get Gold, at least you haven’t had to travel to come home empty handed and you’ve still had a good time at your local club. With Gold points basically just available at tournaments around the country.

You have now given hope to someone like me who thought I’d have to play into the next Millennium to reach my goal


I was just curious if I am getting any gold, I imagine I will get an em at the end of the week. Unfortunately, I will not reach LIFE MASTER in this life, but I love the game! GO GOLD!


BTW, as a player, I think REACH was a GREAT idea and thank those of you who implemented it and came up with the idea should be congratulated. I loved participating in it!


Are my .43 pts Gold. I’m kinda new at this and very excited. If yes, bring on the next tournament. Best $25 I’ve spent. Thank you.


Excellent event. Now can we please have STaC overalls rated this way! Please!


I explained that the algorithm will rate you in the fairest way, therefore you cannot rig the system by playing in weaker games to gain an advantage. Play anywhere and play your best game, but if you try to take candy from a baby, the system will know and handicap your percentage in the overall to make It the fairest event for everyone.

—Club Director

I wanted to give you some feedback on the REACH event this week.

As far as my club goes, I saw a significant increase in attendance. I would say about 30% over normal for this time of year. February is usually a pretty slow month up here in Connecticut so the bump in attendance was certainly welcome.

I had many players playing all 5 days this week in order to maximize their chances.

Further, I don’t think it will hurt tournament attendance in the long term. In fact, it may actually help it. Some players in my club have zero gold. If they get a couple gold points this week, they may see Life Master as an attainable goal. They may actually trek out to the closer regionals to get more.

—Club Manager

The club/BOD paid the $30 fee for the 11 people who committed to playing all 3 days. We wanted to encourage students and non-life masters. For 11 players that was $330. We were very happy to have 4+ tables every day and will be thrilled if any of them get some gold. Otherwise, the 3-day “marathon” (most of them have never been to a tournament (except ours)) served its purpose. This Sunday we have a record number of “students” playing in their first sanctioned duplicate game. Good investment from our point of view.

I don’t travel but this helped me get enough that I only need 2mp for LM so Will be traveling to nearby regionals

Reach is a wonderful opportunity for non travelers to earn gold and or red. Congratulations on a fantastic program. Thank you!


I am very happy that REACH was available and look forward to playing again. I hope that they can be scheduled regularly throughout the year. Thank you.


Your stats and teaching aids are a WONDERFUL addition for bridge players who want to improve their game plus we get to measure ourselves and partners efforts against a larger field.

I marvel at how automated much of your processes are and how quickly I get results back after I send them in. Your tech people are WIZARDS!


We loved then Reach program and Peach Program at Long Beach Bridge Club and want you to do it again and again. We think it is a win, win,win.. for the players, bridge clubs, and the ACBL.

Our players love it and came to the club all week. The Club loved it. We had a huge group of non-life masters each day that we don’t normally have at the club.

We even have a player with over 5,000 masterpoints who is not a life master because he refuses to go to tournaments. He earned 1.76 gold points and will likely be the first to achieve all the titles up to diamond life Master at the same time if this program continues, which we hope it does.

Please, please, please do this again and again.

—Sharon (Club Manager)

I wanted you to know how much we enjoyed participating in the REACH Games. We had 41 participants and everyone is anxiously awaiting the next opportunity.

PDBC was the only club in our area to participate. Our attendance improved significantly for each of the games.

We thank you and everyone involved in giving our players the opportunity to earn gold. We had 12 members earning gold.

—Sue Smith, Club Manager Pensacola DBC