Get ready for the next Regional Event At Club House (REACH)! Just prepare the special deals for your regular club game, and you’ll give your players the chance to win gold or red points at your club. Registration for clubs is free.

REACH for Education, benefitting the ACBL Educational Foundation, is also an opportunity to promote your club games. In the last REACH:

  • More than 3200 ACBL members played an average of 3.3 REACH games in a week.
  • About 34% of clubs reported an increase in attendance during REACH.

Interested in holding extra games during REACH for Education? You may schedule REACH games out of your regular sanctions if they don’t conflict with a neighboring club game or tournament. Check the Conditions of Contest for details.

How to Register your Club

Participating in REACH is easy:

  • If you are currently a Common Game club, no additional registration is needed. Just make sure you run The Common Game hands during your REACH sessions, and upload your game files after each session, as usual.
  • Not currently a Common Game club? No problem! Follow these steps:
  1. Register with The Common Game
  2. Run your REACH sessions using the hands that The Common Game will send you
  3. Upload your game result files right after each session to ACBL’s Live for Clubs
  • REACH sessions can be open, limited or invitational, and must include at least 18 boards played by four or more tables.
  • REACH won’t interfere with your regular club game – it runs on top of it, and its gold awards are added to your local club awards.
  • Clubs may run open and limited games in the same section (we’ll use the strength of the section to determine the pool each section competes in).
  • Check the FAQ and the Conditions of Contest for more information.