New Way to Pay Fees – Start with Your February Games on March 1

The Monthly Club Reporting process will evolve into payment via Live for Clubs beginning with your February games. On March 1, you will be able to pay the fees for the February games via your Live for Clubs administration page. From that point forward, you will be given the option to quickly and securely pay your game fees after each game has been uploaded to Live for Clubs. (Payment options include auto-pay, after each game, monthly, etc.)

The payment experience will be very similar to that of previous Monthly Reports. It’s as simple as clicking “Pay Game Fees” on the Live for Clubs administration page.

Please note that the payment process for January games remain the same. The change will be for February games, which you will be able to pay for on March 1.

For a detailed breakdown of what changes are being made on February 1 and how they will affect your club and players, please read our breakdown here:

With this new process, players will be able to see pending masterpoints in MyACBL the day after the game is posted to Live for Clubs. This feature will be available February 1, 2020.