Updated on the 7th of every month

The exact procedure for updating your database depends upon the version of ACBLScore® you use and if you have an internet connection on the computer.

Update Instructions – DOS version or no Internet connection

Update includes points received and posted by the sixth of the month.
Please also note that the files listed below update masterpoints only and are not suitable for creating a club database.

  1. Download the appropriate district file from the list below onto a diskette (A: in your browser’s Save dialog box).
    • There is one file for each district, numbered D01MP to D25MP and D99MP.
    • If players from more than one district are in your database, download as many district files as necessary.
  2. In ACBLScore® select Database, then Import/Merge, then 5 Update masterpoint holdings from ACBL masterpoint file.
    • Total masterpoints for players found (by using the player number in your database) in the district file will be updated.
    • Only players in your database who have an ACBL player number will be updated.
    • No new players will be added or deleted, and no other information will be altered.

Update Instructions – Windows version with Internet connection

It is even easier if you have an internet connection and use the Windows version. The program will access the file itself.  Just open ACBLScore® , go to Database, Import/Merge, and again option 5. With Windows, the program will ask if you would like it to access the file for you. All you will need to do is provide the District number.

District Files

Link District
D00MP All Districts. Note: This file will not fit on one diskette
D01MP E Canada
D02MP Ontario, Manitoba, Bermuda
D03MP E New York (not New York City), N New Jersey
D04MP C New York, E Pennsylvania, Delaware, S New Jersey
D05MP W New York, W Pennsylvania, NE Ohio, N West Virginia
D06MP Virginia, Maryland
D07MP Carolinas, E Tennessee, Georgia
D08MP N Indiana, Illinois (not Chicago), E Missouri
D09MP Florida
D10MP W Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas
D11MP S Ohio, S Indiana, Kentucky, S West Virginia
D12MP Michigan, NW Ohio
D13MP Wisconsin, Chicago, Upper Michigan
D14MP Dakotas, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska
D15MP W Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, N Texas
D16MP Texas (not N or El Paso), Mexico
D17MP E Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, S Nevada
D18MP Saskatchewan, Alberta, Montana, Idaho, Utah, W Wyoming
D19MP Washington, British Columbia, Alaska
D20MP Oregon, N Nevada, N California, Hawaii
D21MP San Francisco area
D22MP S California (not Los Angeles)
D23MP Los Angeles
D24MP New York City
D25MP Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island
D99MP All areas outside North America

CSV File for Other Scoring Softwares

Link District
D00MP All Districts.