Individual Membership

Canadian Dollars
Type 1-year 3-year 1-month
Regular Member 66.15 157.95
Life Member* 62.10 145.80
Patron Member 371.25 1012.50
Junior Member 6.75

Household Membership***

Canadian Dollars
Type 1-year 3-year
Two Regular/Life Members 110.70 291.60
Two Patron Members 506.25 1417.50

* Applies only to Life Masters who joined prior to Jan. 1, 1996 and did not allow their membership to lapse
** Temporary memberships are not available to full-year members. For additional info, click here.
*** Household memberships available to two members living at the same address. Household members receive one Bridge Bulletin instead of two.

For U.S. and other countries’ dues/rates, click here.