The Ethical Oversight Committee consists of 15 members. During a member’s term of office, a member may not be dismissed except for grossly inappropriate behavior. To remove a member of the committee, the President of the ACBL or the Chairman of the Ethical Oversight Committee will schedule a meeting of the members of the committee. Removal of a member requires a majority vote of the committee.

Five members are appointed each year by the President of the ACBL for three-year terms. The Chairman of the Committee shall be elected from among and by the members of the committee. The Chairman may not serve more than three consecutive one-year terms.

The Ethical Oversight Committee acts upon charges brought by ACBL Management as the ACBL disciplinary body in cases of alleged cheating by the use of signals, other unauthorized information, other forms of cheating, or serious breaches of ethics, in accordance with the ACBL Code of Disciplinary Regulations. League Counsel, the ACBL President and the District Director (for the district of the person charged) are to be notified of a decision to hold an ethical oversight hearing.

Name Term Ends
Kevin Bathurst 2022
Cheri Bjerkan 2023
Peter Boyd (C) 2024
Bart Bramley 2024
Jon Brissman 2022
Lesley Davis 2024
Bruce Ferguson 2022
John Fout 2023
Bob Glasson 2023
Brian Platnick 2024
Hendrik Sharples 2022
Karen Walker 2024
Kevin Wilson 2023
Eddie Wold 2022

Online Ethical Oversight Committee

Member Term
David Caprera 2021
Harold Bickham 2021
Phil Clayton 2021
Becky Rogers 2021
Bob Glasson 2021
Sylvia Moss 2022
Ira Choruch 2022
Jordan Chodorow 2022
Greg Humphreys 2022
Martin Hirschman 2022
Jon Brissman – Chair 2023
Jan Martel 2023
Ron Smith 2023
Karen Walker 2023
Mark Perlmutter 2023